December 30, 2011

Growing babies... it's a wonderful thing but ouch!

The two little bundles of joy are definitely growing bigger and bigger everyday. They are moving into regions of my body they probably shouldn't. My belly officially rests on my lap when I am sitting, it probably has for awhile now but I haven't noticed it. I walk like I am holding a ball between my knees, to drop the ball would lead to the world exploding. Which reminds me of a funny little thought I had earlier in this pregnancy. As I was walking out of the OB office one day, a petite young lady was walking in. She was very pregnant. She had such a waddle that it seemed to be an over exaggeration. I thought to myself  "hehe, first time mom". Now I open mouth and insert foot. I need the hallways cleared as I am coming through... I have a total sway as I walk. I am not as big as I thought I would be but I am definitely not packing a small bump. I was talking with a pregnant woman earlier this month and asked her when she was due. She said 3 weeks... she probably noticed my jaw drop because I was her size at about 4 or 5 months - not kidding! I have been getting the question "when are you due" more often. I say the date and I feel the need to say it's twins to save them from saying something stupid. The usual response is surprise there are two babies which surprises me. I have to wonder if they are just being kind. I'll try to post a picture next week of the growing bump.

In other news, my body is growing tried and a little sore. It is very hard keeping up with chores and those 3 little cherubs or monsters (depending on the day) running around my house. My heartburn is usually lingering even with medication. My hips are feeling uncomfortable from the extra weight they are chugging around. I am in a full body bloat mode most of the day. I use the restroom only to feel like I have use it again right away. These are just the joys we experience as the end of pregnancy approaches. It's nothing new to me as I have had these aches and pains previously and knew what to expect. I must admit I thought the aches and pains would be greater considering I am carrying twins.

Now for some sentimental stuff. Earlier today I was holding my 20 month old (who happens to be a cherub today) and he was cuddling me, a very rare occasion these days. After he cuddled for a moment he pointed out our facial features. His favorites are the nose and mouth. He'd point to his mouth then mine and say "mouth". We did this for a few minutes then returned to a few moments of cuddling. Like I said, it's a rare thing so I will drop anything for cuddles with my kids. Sure it wasn't anything earth shattering but even these quick little encounters can be such a sweet and beautiful moment. It can melt away any troubles you may be feeling, make you feel like there is no one else in the world, just a wonderful thing. I cherish these moments and wish they happened more often. Most of my day is "put that down" "stop fighting" "take that out of your mouth" blah blah blah so I dive in head first when my kiddos want mommy time. I bring this up because my thoughts became interrupted with the disturbing thought that some truly worthy people will never have this kind of moment, not with their own child anyway. It reminds me why surrogates do what they do.

Happy New Year!

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December 22, 2011

The epidural dilemma

I already know I will be getting an epidural. This is because baby boy is breech and it's recommended with twins anyway. Some don't understand my reasoning for being anxious or nervous about it so I thought I would explain it.

Here are my cons/worries:

1. It's a needle going into my spine.
2. I have no idea how my body will handle it. 
3. It's a needle going into my spine.
4. Will it work 100%?
5. It's a needle going into my spine - I think I've mentioned this before.
6. Will I labor longer because of this drug? I average around 4-6 hours with only about an 1 or 2 of hard labor.
7. How will pushing be for me? My motto when it comes to pushing is "get that baby out ASAP" and baby is out within minutes. I'm telling you, I mean business when I push these little people out. How could I be that successful or quick about it if I can't feel what's going on down in the delivery zone?
8. I hear side effects are rare but still... there's always a chance.

Now for the pros:

1. I only have this one... labor is bound to hurt less.
2. Guess I have another, I will be ready in the event an emergency C-section is needed.

Bottom line is that I know how my body handles labor and delivery without drugs and I have no idea how it will be with drugs. I am guessing just fine especially since I will have great people by my side.

Feel free to comment if you've had an epidural experience (good or bad).

December 16, 2011

33 weeks ultrasound pictures and bump

Where is my head!?! I forgot to post the new pictures of the babies.

Sweet baby girl wouldn't move her hand away from her face. She likes her little hands and she may just be a thumb sucker.

Beautiful baby boy was laying so nicely and cooperated with getting his picture taken. On Facebook, I recently saw some 2d u/s pictures posted by the place we did the 3d u/s. They were trying to point out how you may be able to see the baby's hair. The "hair" in this picture looks quite similar so I am guessing baby boy will come out with hair.

See the bright white spot on the upper back part of his head. I think this is his hair.

And the BUMP!

Sorry for the poor quality - all of the pictures were taken with my cell phone.

Take care!!!


Were my predictions right???

First off, let me say that I don't even know how far along I am so how could my predictions be right. Ha! I am 33 weeks and 2 days not 32 1/2 weeks... geeshh!

Let's start with the positioning of baby boy... still breech! Actually he is more breech than he was at our last appointment, I just have to laugh at that. My OB and I talked about a breech extraction once again. If she is getting tired of explaining it to me, it doesn't show - you have to love that in a doctor. We have discussed it at the last 3 appointments at least. It's fair to say that I am still worried about this. I worry more for baby boy than I do myself. But I also know a breech extraction won't be the most comfortable procedure. Yay for the epidural, right? Remember that county fair post I made last summer? The one about the breech calf? That's all I can imagine. My OB assures me that all be just fine. Baby girl is bigger than baby boy and that leaves us in a good position. I am a little nervous for the unknowns but I trust my OB.

We didn't check to see if the contractions are doing anything. I am sure all is fine and the babies will stay put for a bit longer. My next appointment is Jan 3, we'll check things out at this appointment.

Ready for this? Baby girl is around 5.5 lbs and baby boy around 4.9 lbs! These babies are growing like weeds. They gained about one pound each. They are both growing so wonderfully and preparing nicely for their arrival.

The daddies-to-be have booked their travel arrangements. I can't wait for them to be here. I haven't seen them since our transfer date back in May. They will be here a few days before the induction. The induction has been scheduled!!! The babies will be here on Jan 17, if not before.

Thanks for checking in!


December 15, 2011

Fortune Teller Melissa's predictions at 32 1/2 weeks

I have another checkup this afternoon. I am anxious for it because I think there has been some change in things. I want to predict how the appointment will go and see how close I get.

I have had contractions since very early on. It's very common considering it's twins and that my body has done this 4 times already so my uterus gets a little cocky and says "heh, I'll show you I know all about having babies" and starts showing off. The contractions have been nothing to worry about so far as they are not changing my cervix and seem to have nothing to do with the preparation of the babies arrival. Lately the contractions have been a bit stronger. I don't know if this means something may be starting or the babies are just bigger and it makes the contractions a little uncomfortable. I have also been having some lower back pain. The contractions are not consistent, though. They just come and go throughout the day.

I am kind of thinking baby boy flipped and is head down or in some other position. The movement from his apartment (my left side) has been feeling slightly different. This may be just wishful thinking, though. It's hard to tell the difference (regarding movements) between the two. Baby girl has always felt more active than baby boy. The ultrasounds have verified this, too. I tried again to capture a short recording of the alien belly movements but the movement stopped before I could get anything recorded.

My belly is starting to peek out from the bottom of my shirts, this just started within the last week. Currently, I have 3 shirts that cover (just barely) my entire bump. My pants have a hard time covering my belly, too. So my next prediction is how much weight the babies have gained since my last appointment which was 2 1/2weeks ago. I am thinking right around 10 oz. each might be a close guess. This would put baby boy right around 4.5 lbs and baby girl just below 5 lbs.

Those are my predictions! Be back soon with an actual update.

December 08, 2011

My fun morning

I just had a thrilling morning! I took my 3 hour glucose test. The appointment was at 7:30am, I arrived right on time at 7:50am... oops! For this particular test, I was required to fast. I don't have a problem with that, I didn't feel sick or faint from not eating. The sugary drink must help with that because I usually need to eat by 8:30am or I start to feel weird.

I was called back at about 8:05. They prepped me with an IV. I was surprised by this because in my previous experiences I would just have my blood drawn every time. I am not sure which I like better. The convenience of the IV was really nice but I could feel the needle in my arm the entire appointment and that creeps me out. Remember, I am not fond of needles. In the past, I would hear "ok, you're gonna feel a little poke" every hour. I am just happy I have cooperative veins! They protrude with eagerness and beg to be poked at.

After the IV was put into place and some blood was drawn, I drank the delicious sugary cocktail set before me. This time I was given a very full cup instead of half of a cup. I would estimate it at about 2 cups worth. Just thinking about it now makes me queasy. I was sent out to the waiting room. The effects of the sugar don't take place right away. It takes probably 20 to 30 minutes then BAM. I wasn't sure if I should set off running, start climbing the walls or lay down to take a nap. It's such a bizarre thing. I figured a very pregnant lady running around the waiting room would get some funny looks, climbing the walls would probably warrant a visit from hospital security and taking a nap on the floor didn't sound all that appealing. I decided to check my email and Facebook to occupy my mind. It worked but I was still very fidgety.

One hour after the drink I was called back to give some blood then sent back out to the waiting room for another hour. During this hour I popped on my iPod and started crocheting. I crocheted 4 hats in that hour... haha, just teasing (it would take much longer than an hour to do that many hats). I really did crochet, though. I started crocheting a diaper cover as a prop for my photography business. This hour wasn't so bad. Music can help me get through pretty much anything. The end of the hour was a little rough as I started coming down from my sugar high. I was getting extremely tired.

Once again after the hour was up, I was called back, gave some blood and sent back to the waiting room for one more hour. This hour was tough... I was very tired and the thought of napping on the floor was sounding more and more appealing. I continued to listen to music and crochet. The hour went quickly but the tiredness stuck around. After that hour was up, I went back for my final draw. They took the IV out (YAY) and I was free to go about my day.

They told me if the results weren't up to par, I would get a call tomorrow. We'll see, they told me that last time but didn't call when they were supposed to, leaving me thinking I had passed the one hour.

I just want to leave you with something nice one of the daddies-to-be said to me. I had texted them to let them know I failed my one hour glucose test. The response I got was: "U didn't fail. U r just too sweet for this world". Awww...................

Thanks for checking in!


December 06, 2011

These babies are hungry!

Ok or maybe I am just hungry, but I can blame the babies, right?? For the last few weeks, I haven't ate much because after just a couple of bites I would feel full. Plus, I was having some major heartburn issues. Today and yesterday, I have been so hungry. I am still keeping the meals small but I find myself looking for snacks quite often. And, I am even throwing in some healthy treats like apples and carrots, yay for the healthy cravings. I usually like carrots but they are extra tasty these days. It's always nice to have a craving that isn't 1001 calories. My other food craving is pretzels, which I happen to be out of right now, boo! Looks like I will be making a trip to the store after work.

Last Friday, I had my glucose test. For those that don't know, it's a test to determine if a pregnant woman has gestational diabetes. I arrived at the appointment and was given a very sugary drink and was instructed to have a seat in the waiting area for about one hour. Once the hour is up they take a blood sample and do their testing. During the hour, there are moments of extreme nausea. It's always good to know where the bathrooms are in these types of events. Thankfully, I was able to put my mind somewhere else and not think about the nausea. I was talking via text with the daddies-to-be, that was also helpful. In the end, I must have passed the test because I didn't receive a call from the doctor.

I know you are all wondering... my feet and ankles are still a bloated mess. My daughter was actually making fun of them last night. Can you believe it, no sympathy! They seriously look fake to me. I don't want anyone to worry, though. My OB and I discussed it and since my blood pressure is all in check there is no concern. As most of you know, I do daycare so I am pretty much always on my feet. I just have to remember to sit down and put my feet up throughout the day. It's not always easy to do because 1). kids ALWAYS need something... diaper change, a drink, kleenex, something and 2). I feel like a slacker just sitting on the couch.

Big bummer!!! While I was typing this post the OB office called... failed my glucose test. GAH! I failed it by 7 miserable points, 7! Now I have to go in for further testing. It's another glucose test, only this time I get to drink the sugary drink and get my blood drawn every hour for 3 hours. It will be a total of 4 draws. I failed with my 2 older boys so this isn't exactly a surprise but it is a boo hoo moment. I am sure I will pass the 3 hour as I did in my past pregnancies. Wish me luck!

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December 05, 2011

32 week baby bump


The mega belly

Incase anyone is wondering... I don't include my face because it's chubby right now :)