June 03, 2013


Unless you are snagging an awesome deal at a department store or snagging a dream job, snags are not especially great. Snags in a sweater, snags in a plan... not great. They are often times frustrating, unexpected and unwelcomed little doings. 

Our snag: the egg donor has decided she can not commit. The news came late last week. I was on schedule to start my meds yesterday. We had a plan already in place. We were all hopeful for a mid-July transfer.

Transfer will likely be pushed back now. I'm okay with a short delay, but I do feel bad for Dror and Guy. They, much like all IP's, are ecstatic about being parents. The sooner the better. I imagine the IVF process can feel a bit like chasing a runaway balloon. If you lose your grip on even a small part of it, the dream could float away forever. Dror and Guy have already had a few bumps in the IVF road. It's emotionally hard to go through these disappointments. It makes the process stressful and leaves IPs questioning if and when they'll be holding a child of their own.

Luckily this snag can be resolved by find another egg donor. It's not something so drastic that it will put an end to their dreams of becoming parents. But it is a big deal. I mean, it is the other half of their future children.

I will know more throughout the next few weeks, but in the meantime, (yes, I'm asking again) please send positive vibes!


  1. Sending positive vibes that they find a new ED quickly!