September 18, 2013

Confirmed TWINS!

We had our first ultrasound last Monday. Considering the outrageous beta counts I wasn't surprised to see two sacs.

 It's twins again!

Baby A:
128bpm and 6.1mm

Baby B:
126bpm and 7.1mm

We have a due date of May 9. We already know the genders of these little beans, but I'm not telling... yet anyway.

September 10, 2013

2nd Beta Results

Yesterday we had another beta test. The results were 23507(19 dpt). Woohoo! A great number! 

I'm definitely feeling pregnant. I'm tired all day long. Morning sickness (lasting all day) is sinking its teeth in just enough to let me know what's in store for my future.  I suspect I will be graduating to spontaneous vomiting any day now. I would normally take Unisom to curve m/s but IVF prefers I don't until after I'm released from their care. Zofran is the option they choose. It doesn't help 100% but it's better than nothing. 

Our first ultrasound is on Monday. Hoping for two heartbeats! 

September 05, 2013

Beta results are in!

At 13dpt, my beta is 3278! That's pregnant... like very, very pregnant! Like pregnant with twins pregnant! Watch out world, we gotta pregnant lady over here!

Telling the IPs the beta results is one thing about my first journey I wish we could have done differently. When we received the results, Avner was working a night shift and not available. It would have been nice to give the news to both Roy and Avner at the same time. But in the end the news was shared and both daddies were pumped to become fathers.

For this second journey, it was important to me that I tell both Guy and Dror together and that we did so over Skype. Even before the transfer had taken place, I could not wait for the moment I would tell them the good news (optimistic much?). I was looking for a fun way to tell them the exciting news. My idea was to show them a positive hpt via Skype. Immediately after getting my blood drawn I went to Target and bought a hpt. Came home and immediately took the test. Because of the way I have been feeling, I was not surprised to see "pregnant" show up not even 2 minutes into the test.

That idea flopped though. My blood work needed to be redone later in the day because not enough blood was collected during the first draw. By the time we received the results (a little more than 24 hours later) the digital had wiped clean. Sure, I could have taken the remaining test but I decided this sign would be just as fun:

Telling Guy and Dror this news was ahhhhh-mazing! I can't even tell you how amazing it was to watch their reactions. I only showed them "congratulations daddies" at first. After witnessing their pure joy, I said "wait there's more" and that's when I showed the last line "it's twins". I keep replaying it in my head. Having the privilege of telling them they are going to be parents is such an indescribable feeling.

So many hearts are happy today!

So the pressure of the 2ww is done and over with! Now we move on to waiting for the first ultrasound which should be in about two weeks.

**I should add that of course we don't know for sure that it's twins, but with that high of a beta it's safe to assume so.

September 03, 2013

This wait might be the end of me!

If we thought the 2ww (that's the 2 week wait between the day of transfer and the day of beta results), try again. The longest wait ever is the day of the beta results. That's today. I'm suffering over here just waiting to hear "yay" or "nay". This pregnancy test is not one you can study for... you either pass or you fail. It's absolutely out of our hands. We have no control. I kinda hate not having control...

After the bus picked up the kids for their first day of school this morning, I went directly to the clinic to have my blood drawn. It was later than I wanted, about 8:45. I walked in and of course there are a ton of people waiting. I go into a mini panic (just in my mind) and realize it will take longer to get my blood drawn and tested and we'll have to wait longer to hear from IVF. Ugh! The wait is dreadful!

I have been very busy this morning running to the appointment, to Target, bringing my daughter to school and running a few other errands. Even though I've been busy, I can't stop thinking about the results. My stomach is in knots and I'm totally on edge. I find myself willing the phone to ring and have it be Dr. S on the other end.

Guy and Dror, those poor guys. It's much later where they are. They have literally been waiting ALL day. I imagine them to be on pins and needles. Keeping their phones close by and checking it constantly to make sure they didn't miss any calls or messages.

So for now we wait...............