September 03, 2013

This wait might be the end of me!

If we thought the 2ww (that's the 2 week wait between the day of transfer and the day of beta results), try again. The longest wait ever is the day of the beta results. That's today. I'm suffering over here just waiting to hear "yay" or "nay". This pregnancy test is not one you can study for... you either pass or you fail. It's absolutely out of our hands. We have no control. I kinda hate not having control...

After the bus picked up the kids for their first day of school this morning, I went directly to the clinic to have my blood drawn. It was later than I wanted, about 8:45. I walked in and of course there are a ton of people waiting. I go into a mini panic (just in my mind) and realize it will take longer to get my blood drawn and tested and we'll have to wait longer to hear from IVF. Ugh! The wait is dreadful!

I have been very busy this morning running to the appointment, to Target, bringing my daughter to school and running a few other errands. Even though I've been busy, I can't stop thinking about the results. My stomach is in knots and I'm totally on edge. I find myself willing the phone to ring and have it be Dr. S on the other end.

Guy and Dror, those poor guys. It's much later where they are. They have literally been waiting ALL day. I imagine them to be on pins and needles. Keeping their phones close by and checking it constantly to make sure they didn't miss any calls or messages.

So for now we wait...............

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