August 27, 2013

Pregnancy dream?? Good lord I hope so!

Every pregnant woman will tell you their dreams can be stupidly insane. They tend to be a lot more freakish then they need to be. Leaving the pregnant woman to think "WTF is wrong with me". I had one of these dreams last night. It was totally crazy and in no way do I think even a dream interpreter would touch it. I hope next Tuesday reveals I am pregnant for many many reasons. The newest reason is to explain this psycho dream. Here it is...

I was attending a church service. It was at a church I'd never attended before. I was in the very back crouched down behind everyone doing something I knew was very inappropriate. I knew I'd be in trouble and looked at like a very bad person if I was caught but yet I continued to do it. What was I doing? I was grating a block of cheese. Huh? Yeah, you read that right. I threw my morals aside and was grating a block of cheese until I was finally approached by church staff and asked to leave. The dream ends there so I'm not sure if I continued to grate cheese or if I left. Let's assume I left, but if I did stay let's assume there was a huge spaghetti or taco dinner after the service and I was in charge of bringing the cheese. 

No thanks! I don't want to know.

Please, please, please let this dream be blamed on pregnancy.

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  1. Too funny. I'm having a long day at work and I appreciated the laugh I got from your crazy dream.