July 18, 2013

Special delivery!

Mr. Fed Ex stopped by today with my goodie box.

I'm gonna need a larger medicine cabinet!

The goodie box included:

14 day supply of Leuprolide (Lupron)
32 Vivelle patches
5 different oral medications
2 vials of Delestrogen
4 vials of Progesterone Oil (I think I needed more last time)
Bag and bags of alcohol wipes and needles... oh lord, so many many needles! Large pointy, sticky needles.

First monitoring appointment is scheduled for July 22.

Let the good times roll!


  1. Yucky needles but hooray for the fact that they help make a baby.

  2. It is not for everyone though. People needs some guts to use those needles on themselves for a purpose. Thanks for the article. It is quite informative.

    Kunik Goel

  3. oh my - do you give yourself the shots?