May 30, 2011

I've been matched!

After much paperwork and testing, the agency sent me a profile. The couple is from overseas and truly, by all accounts, could not have children themselves. The reason I stress that is because they are a same sex couple. I opened the picture first and did an "awww, they're cute". After reading their profile, I was very interested in speaking with them.

We set up a telephone interview. The interview was hosted by the agency coordinator and me one end and the guys on the other. Let me tell you... I was NERVOUS! Almost sick to my stomach nervous. I am not always good with my words... sometimes when I am nervous I become a blubbering mess or I say things that may not make sense once the words are out (it makes sense in my head but comes out all wrong). I wasn't sure what to expect out of this conversation. The call came and butterflies were fluttering all over in my stomach. I listened to both guys talk about themselves, their lives together, jobs, etc and then it was my turn. The call lasted close to 2 hours. In the end, I thought it went well. I was "sold" on this couple. I did take that evening and the next day to think it over though. I emailed the coordinator with my answer and waited to hear what the guys thought. If I recall, it was over a weekend so it seemed like a forever wait. The wait was worth it... they wanted to go through this experience with me.

Now that those important decisions were made it was time to move on to the contract phase of this journey. For the most part, it went smoothly but it did take almost 3 months. During this time, the intended parents and I were not able to have contact. I was anxious to get to know them better. When we were finally able to communicate we did so via email. We exchanged many emails and a slow bond was forming.

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