August 08, 2011

15 weeks

I am feeling more and more like myself everyday. I haven't been sick in over 2 weeks and my energy levels are way up. By no means am I running marathons but I can make it through the day without daydreaming about how good a nap would feel. I have the "nesting" bug already. That is normal for me, it comes and goes throughout the pregnancy. I admit to liking that very much. With a family of six, our house is in constant clutter mode. My cravings are still all over the board, this makes me believe there really is one girl and one boy. I am naturally a coffee drinker but when I become pregnant the thought of hot coffee is not appealing but a White Mocha blended from Caribou Coffee is very delish. While I could drink it all day long, I only have them on the weekend and keep the size to a double (20 oz). I shouldn't have thought about this because now I want one.

The babies are once again very busy. Their Lanugo, which is ultra fine, downy hair, covers their back, shoulders, ears, and forehead. This will help them retain body heat, but once they gain enough fat to do the job, this hair will fall off -- probably before birth. How cute is this, the babies are frowning, squinting and making other facial expressions. While their eyelids are still fused shut, they can sense light. If I were to put a flashlight to my belly, the babies would probably try to move away from it. Tastebuds are forming, however the babies are not able to taste yet. They are about 4 in long and 2.5 oz. I read that the estimated weight gain is about 5 pounds (for a singleton) so I am not feeling as bad as I was in my prior post.

Up until now I have only been feeling "butterflies". Today, I was able to feel actual movement not just the "butterfly" feeling. I have been feeling them even as I type this. What an incredible feeling.

I took maternity pictures of my pregnant friend this past weekend. She is 35 weeks pregnant with her second daughter. So she is 20 weeks further along than I am and not much bigger than me. Maybe it was all in my head but I will be comparing pictures. I will take a picture of my bump tomorrow and post it.

Thanks for checking in!!


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