August 28, 2012

Whatcha doing...

My poor pretty little blog, I have neglected you lately. I'm sorry, blog. I know you understand.

Life is busy. Especially in the summer but autumn is approaching and those kids are going back to school. Maybe I'll find more time to post. I do make time to check-in with my fellow bloggers a few times a week though.

This summer has been filled with fun. We camped with friends, we visited Wisconsin Dells, we spent time at my mom and dad's cabin. My friends and I played in the mud during the Dirty Girl Mud Run. My daughter and I road-tripped to Chicago along with some friends to be entertained by her favorite boy band. This is just a sample of our summer. It was great.

I am ready for fall though. I love it. It's my favorite season.  I love pumpkin flavored anything, the crisp air, wearing long sleeves and jeans. I will absolutely miss my flip flops though. And I am definitely not looking forward to runny noses. It will soon be time get out the antibacterial tool belt.

School starts in less than a week. My kids are ready and for the most, excited. My daughter is entering her first year of high school (yikes). My second baby is entering first grade and my 3rd guy is starting preschool. My fourth dude will be lucky to spend his entire day with me, as usual.

November is sneaking up on us. And November is special because? Anyone remember? Yes, because I will be visiting my surrogate babies and their daddies! I'm kinda pumped. No, I am super pumped. Not only will I experience another foreign country, I will be spending time with 4 people I love and adore!  So yeah, I am super pumped.

Signing off for now. Remember to enjoy these last few days of summer!


  1. When is Starbucks coming out with their Pumpkin Spice Latte anyway? We had a cold night at football practice the other night and my desire for a PSL was all consuming and I still haven't been able to shake it. :)

    1. MMM! I don't know about SB but we have a local coffeehouse that serves PSL anytime. I never have them except in the fall though. It just doesn't feel right to drink one in the summer. lol Hope you get your fix soon.

  2. love reading your blog - but makes me miss you more!!


    1. I miss you too. I wish we lived closer... the 5 miles that separate us really makes it hard to get together. haha!