May 15, 2013

Marriage equality in Minnesota... just got real

Minnesota celebrated an amazing victory this week! 

This huge victory comes just 6 months after we successfully voted NO to an amendment that would have permanently and constitutionally limited the freedom of gays and lesbians to ever marry in Minnesota.

My daughter proudly wore her "Vote NO" shirt to school, to church, to the store...

Here we are only 6 months after shooting down that ridiculous amendment and our governor, Gov Mark Dayton, has signed the bill legalizing gay marriage.

Senator Scott Dibble (Bill author) watches as Governor Dayton signs the bill

A few friends were able to visit the state capitol this week. They graciously allowed me to use their photos here.

Crowd at the state capitol in St Paul (courtesy of Michael Garner)
Wabasha Street Bridge (courtesy of Michael Garner)

Inside the state capitol (courtesy of Pastor Kayla Bonewell)

Outside the state capitol (courtesy of Pastor Kayla Bonewell)
Both Michael and Pastor Kayla are HUGE HUGE advocates for gay rights. Bless them and everyone else who helped make dreams come true this week. 

More photos (courtesy of the Internet): 


Minnesota just got a whole lot AWESOMER (yep, I know it's not a word)! 

Let us be a role model.

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  1. Hooray. What a great post. Illinois is supposed to be voting soon. Hope I can write a similar post one day soon.