May 08, 2013

May 17!

May 17 is quickly approaching. Can anyone guess why this date is exciting? Yes, it's a Friday and we all LOVE Fridays, but it's also a big(ish) day for my second journey. Not "transfer" big though. We aren't transferring that day, but I am headed to the IVF office. Dr S. needs to take a gander at my baby oven and make sure all is good to go. I have no reason to believe the "oven" is not in tip top condition, but unfortunately there is always room for those dreaded what-ifs. However, I push those what-ifs out of my head just as quickly as they come in. Only positive thoughts are welcome to hang around.

So off I go to CA for a day trip. I fly out just as the sun is rising and I return after the sun has gone to bed. It's going to be a long day. I enjoy flying, but 4 different flights in one day is a little much. No chance I can sleep on the plane. (I couldn't even sleep during the long flight home from Tel Aviv last November. Talk about a glassy eyed, delirious woman by the time I landed in Minneapolis.) The quiet will be nice though. I'll definitely soak that up. It's exciting to think this trip brings us that much closer to transfer day.

Now... does anyone know what happens after the May 17th screening? Bingo... the start of meds. I can't say I'm looking forward to it. Have you seen the size of the needles? You just wait, I'll be sure to share a picture for those who haven't experienced it yet. All joking aside, the shots are totally worth the annoyance they cause. If the end result is a healthy baby (in our case 2 healthy babies), I'm all for the temporary pain.

As for the IPs, Guy and Dror - they are doing well. Excitement, happiness and anticipation are just a few of the emotions they are experiencing. I think we would all like to fast forward to the end of the 2ww (2 week wait), which will be sometime in July. Actually, I take that back... I love the anticipation of each new phase... the transfer, the 2ww and finally delivery. I'm good not having a fast forward button. It's all so exciting!

P.S.  Imagine this coincidence... May 17, 2011 was the transfer date of my first surrogacy. Craziness or what?!?! Speaking of which, I know a few loyal readers/friends are wanting some updated pictures. I'll work on that!

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  1. Very exciting - I hope the trip goes great!