November 12, 2013

Almost 15 weeks

We are sailing right along to 15 weeks. Babies are growing and growing and so is the bump. I wish I could say my bump is all babies but it's not. Once a person has been pregnant so many times, in my case 6, your body just knows what to do, it gets a little cocky and starts taking shape much sooner. I'd say my true bump is about half the size of this. But anyway who's measuring... there is a bump and I'm diggin' it.

I know you didn't stop by just to hear about or see the bump. You want babies, am I right? You are in luck. Today was an OB appointment. It was quick and painless. Most importantly, we had a sneak peek at the babies. My OB uses a portable machine at every appointment. I love it.

As soon as the OB prepped me for the u/s I could feel the little sweeties gearing up for their performance. Sure enough they were tapping toes during the u/s. Baby B more so than Baby A. Baby A was busy either checking out or sucking on his/her thumb. Speaking of his/her, he/she... isn't fun that I know the genders of both babies and most of you don't. Hahaha! Yes, I'm evil. I just hope I don't slip up before Guy and Dror are ready to tell. It could be such an easy slip especially lately since my brain isn't functioning at its full capacity.

Both babies are growing well. Both heartbeats were around 170. My OB didn't measure them but it's noticeable they have grown.
Baby A (hand by face)

Baby B chillin' (for only a moment though)
OB said these are the babies faces... (?)
Babies are positioned head to head. Baby A, you know the one that comes out first, yeah he/she is feet down. If baby A is in a breech or transverse position at birth, it's an automatic C-Section. It's way too early to worry though. Baby B is head down. So the babies heads are right on top of each other. And they are really close!

In other super exciting news, Guy and Dror will be here in 5 weeks! I think we are all just a little bit anxious for Dec 16 to get here. Even more so for Dec 19. Why? That's the biggie ultrasound. It will be amazing to see the guys experience the ultrasound face to face. We will also meet with my OB and take a tour of the hospital. They plan to be here before the birth but I figure we may as well do it now just in case things get wild at the end of the pregnancy.

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  1. Love hearing that everything is going well with you and the two babies. Can't wait for more updates.