November 25, 2013

Pregnancy massage & brain drain

Awhile back, Guy and Dror sent me a sweet email telling me how they wished they could be here for me while morning sickness was taking over my body. Or better yet, they said, take it away. It was a rough time for me, but I knew it would eventually pass. That thought process can greatly improve one's attitude and outlook.

The email went on to say that since they couldn't be here in person the next best thing would be for them to send me something to let me know how much they cared for and appreciated me. They thought about sending candy but with "all the weird preferences a pregnant woman is having" they decided against that. Haha - that makes me laugh, they really do know about the ever-changing cravings of a pregnant woman. They thought about sending flowers but with my super sonic smelling ability thought maybe it could make me feel worse.

In the end, they decided on a gift card to a massage spa. I had a one hour massage last Saturday and it was absolutely lovely. The therapist did an amazing job. I left the appointment in a drunk state of relaxation. If you have ever had a massage you know how it transports you into a whole new world. After the massage you walk out of the dark and relaxing room and are immediately forced to join the human species again. It's a funny feeling. Especially since you know you have this crazy dreamy expression on your face and if you had a scalp massage... who knows what your hair looks like. Of course, you try to tame the mane but in that dark room it could be easy to misjudge your efforts.

The massage was perfect and I'm so thankful for Guy and Dror's thoughtful gesture.

In other pregnancy news, major cravings have come to a halt. Currently, I don't have any "must-haves". You won't find me complaining about that. Cravings can be very mind consuming. They take over every thought and distract me until I give in to them.

I am beginning to have "pregnancy brain drain". This can be compared to aliens (aka babies) draining my memory and common sense. Almost like I'm in a daydream la-la state when the drain is happening. Thank goodness it's not every day, all day. Studies have shown that pregnant women are actually smarter during pregnancy - I don't buy it. One of my latest stunts was a few nights ago. I called my daughter from the store to ask her to check if our printer needed a 60 or 61 ink cartridge. This is something I can never remember. She looked and told me. All it took for me to forget was the walk from the parking lot to the ink cartridge section of the store. Instead of calling, because I had already called her twice before for unrelated questions, I sent her a text asking if she said it was 61. The funniest part is that I knew exactly how she would respond. Her response "OMG MOM YES". She's such a teenager!

Another drain story, twice in the last month I have walked away from my van to enter a store and left the side door open. Usually one of the kids will hit the button to close it. I generally always notice when they don't. Today was one of those days it didn't get closed. As I was paying at the gas station, I looked out at the parking lot and thought "oops someone forgot to close their...  ahhhhh, that's my van". Thankfully, with the exception of Scooby Doo movies, we don't keep valuable stuff in there.

Just for fun, I'm throwing in a 16 week 5 day bump:

  Countdown to when Guy and Dror will be here: 3 weeks!