August 27, 2013

Pregnancy dream?? Good lord I hope so!

Every pregnant woman will tell you their dreams can be stupidly insane. They tend to be a lot more freakish then they need to be. Leaving the pregnant woman to think "WTF is wrong with me". I had one of these dreams last night. It was totally crazy and in no way do I think even a dream interpreter would touch it. I hope next Tuesday reveals I am pregnant for many many reasons. The newest reason is to explain this psycho dream. Here it is...

I was attending a church service. It was at a church I'd never attended before. I was in the very back crouched down behind everyone doing something I knew was very inappropriate. I knew I'd be in trouble and looked at like a very bad person if I was caught but yet I continued to do it. What was I doing? I was grating a block of cheese. Huh? Yeah, you read that right. I threw my morals aside and was grating a block of cheese until I was finally approached by church staff and asked to leave. The dream ends there so I'm not sure if I continued to grate cheese or if I left. Let's assume I left, but if I did stay let's assume there was a huge spaghetti or taco dinner after the service and I was in charge of bringing the cheese. 

No thanks! I don't want to know.

Please, please, please let this dream be blamed on pregnancy.

August 23, 2013

August 22, 2013

Let the baby baking begin........

These sweet little embryos were transferred yesterday! 

Now we not-so-patiently wait for September 3 to get here. This is the day bloodwork will tell us yay or nay. No peeing on sticks for us. We're gonna tough it out and wait to hear our beta results.

It goes without saying, September 3 can not come fast enough. For now, we just cross our fingers that these little embryos stick!

August 14, 2013

Uterine lining update

Today I had another monitoring appointment. This is a serious one because it could be a major deciding factor... to-transfer or not-to-transfer.

The meds I've been on are assisting in thickening up my uterine lining. A nice cushy lining makes for a cloud like experience for the embryos once they are transferred and gives them a nice opportunity to "stick" to the uterine wall. Most IVF clinics like to see the lining around 7mm or 8mm. Today my lining measured 18mm! Whoa! That is well over the required 7 or 8, but could this be too much?!? I've heard both... it could be bad to have too much fluff or it could be a situation of "the fluffier the better". In my case, it's an a-okay thing.

Tomorrow I start my other IVF goodies... Progesterone, Prometrium, Doxycycline and Prednisone. These added to the goodies I'm already taking minus the Lupron.

The egg donor is prepping for a retrieval either tomorrow or Friday. Jeremy and I fly to San Diego on Sunday in preparation of a Wednesday transfer.

As for Guy and Dror, they are beyond excited. I just love reading/hearing their anxious comments. We've Skyped a few times, but we mostly message each other. Unfortunately, they are not able to physically attend the transfer. They are in the process of moving from one country to another. Big things going on in their world right now... moving & babies. They will attend the transfer via Skype or Facetime. I wish they could be at the transfer in the flesh. It's a special moment between a surrogate and her IPs. Due to the timing it just can't happen, but I know they would absolutely attend if they could.

In other surrogate news, did you hear my TV boyfriend, Jimmy Fallon, recently welcomed his daughter via a surrogate? See... all the cool people are using surrogates these days.

Sweet Winnie Rose

August 07, 2013

Shots and puppies

We are headed in the right direction and all arrows point to an August 21/22 transfer. Whoa... is that like less than two weeks from now?!? Yep, it really really is. We are close. So close we can almost feel it. I feel like maybe I should knock on wood for saying everything is going great. A little like I'm being overconfident and getting a little too big for my britches, but I think this is going to happen as scheduled. My lining is getting its "fluff" on and the egg donor, from what I understand, is right on track.

Last Thursday I was given the go ahead to start Delestrogen. If you remember, this is one of the honkin' big shots. And by honkin' big, I mean a needle almost as long as my pinkie finger. This mother has to be injected all the way into my thigh or upper tush. Currently I'm taking it in my thigh.

I swear this photo doesn't capture the true intimidation rolling off this needle. It's much bigger/longer than it appears.

So far I have been able to give myself the shots. I only gave myself Lupron shots during my first journey and had Jeremy give me the two long needle shots. I'm actually pretty proud of myself for getting over the anxiety of it. I'm giving myself pep talks and listening to "We are the champions" while I ice the area I'm about to inject. Okay not really but it sounds fun so maybe I'll start.

I had my third monitoring appointment today and am waiting to hear if everything looks great. I could see on the screen that my uterus is cooperating, but I'll hear from IVF soon to verify it looks as good as it should. Fingers crossed!

In other news... IT'S A BOY!

Bernard the pup

I know many of you have already heard Bernie's story but I thought I would share it again here on my blog. Bernie is a 3 month old rescue pup. About a month ago my daughter went to South Dakota on a church mission trip. She called me a few days into the trip to tell me about the crazy number of stray dogs. Now, I'm sure there were quite a few stray dogs but you know the mind of a teenager... she made it seem there were thousands. One pup in particular caught her eye and stole her heart. This pup was living around the house the youth group was restoring. He was staying there with his mama and two siblings. The mama had an owner but they weren't interested in keeping the pups. Another youth group member's mom operates a no-kill rescue organization in our city and agreed to find a foster home for the pups until they could be adopted.

We weren't sure we were really ready for another dog, especially a puppy. We already have a chocolate lab and 4 kids running around our chaotic house. But I knew Kaelyn's love for this puppy was strong and she's at an age where she can really take care of a pup. Without Kaelyn's acknowledge, I began the adoption process. On the night we went to pick him up the kids were all fired up about the "secret family mission" I had been talking about for two days. The kids had tons of ideas as to what we would be doing on the mission, but my favorite was one of the last ideas they came up with. "Are we getting shots?!?!" I laugh at this because in order to get a few of them their flu shots we need to trick them into the car. I told them I would never hype up the mission this much if it were shots. I'm not that cruel.

We walked into PetSmart, where the adoption was taking place, and Kaelyn found out very quickly what was happening. Not surprisingly, there were tears and giggles. Bernie and Kaelyn were reunited and it was such a happy moment.
A girl and her pup