January 27, 2014

Rolling into week 26

We are rocking our way into week 26. These little munchkins are growing like crazy and trying to outdo each other with their kicks and bootie slams (bootie slams = pressing their butts hard into my ribs, sides, organs, etc). They have been busy movin' and groovin'. At the last appointment, the ultrasound showed we definitely have a baby A and baby B. If you remember, our appointment in December showed them competing for the "A" spot. Baby boy was hanging upside down and in first out position while baby girl was chilling head-up in my ribs. I know this has changed again because I can feel a head or a bum where I wasn't feeling it before.

The next appointment is Feb 10. There will be a growth ultrasound, which is always exciting! It's fun to see how much they've grown. I will also have the dreaded glucose test. Fingers crossed I avoid having to do the 3 hour test. I'm not too hopeful though. I've had to take it with almost every pregnancy. The big news... we will schedule an induction date at this appointment too! Doesn't that seem crazy!?! I know the induction date already but I'm not sharing right now because I am not sure if the guys are telling everyone yet.

So how am I feeling? Well, I'm feeling very large! Imagine a beach ball with a head, arms and legs. Yep, that's me. I am a short person with a short torso. Add two babies to that and you get a very round figure.

AND same outfit 25 weeks...

A few weeks before Christmas I started getting a lot of questions about when "my" baby is due: "Must be any day now" "Is your baby coming before or after Christmas". I tell them my due date is May 9 and quickly add "but it's twins so they'll be born before then". The reaction is always the same... silence and a shocked expression. After I let it soak in they usually ask if this is my first pregnancy. I say "no, I have 4 kids". Silence and shocked expression return. 99% of the time I tell them I am a surrogate and carrying these twins for someone else. You probably guessed the reaction is silence and shock. I love it. I always leave these conversations with a smile on a my face.


  1. So exciting. Well, not the glucose test or the punches in the ribs...but the growing babies part is exciting.