February 11, 2014

28 weeks brings us some concerning news

As surrogate we have this huge ass responsibility of keeping babies safe and as healthy as possible while in utero. We do this by making wise and healthy decisions. As hard as we try to keep ourselves healthy enough to have a successful pregnancy, sometimes concerns arise that we have no control over. Much like the situation we are in now.

Today marks the twins at 28 weeks gestation. Up until yesterday, the babies have been doing great and staying pretty much right on track. I take pride in the fact that my past pregnancies have caused no concerns and ended in the delivery of a healthy, full-term baby/babies. So yesterday when we learned that one twin is much larger than the other... I was feeling disappointed, to say the least. Of course, I should not be disappointed in myself - this is totally out of my control and it was nothing I did. That doesn't stop me from feeling like I should be able to fix it.

During the growth ultrasound yesterday, the tech was very surprised by the difference of sizes. Baby boy (A) is weighing in at just over 2 lbs and baby girl (B) is weighing in at just over 3 lbs. A one pound difference may not seem like a lot, but when you look at their percentiles, baby boy 16% and baby girl 97%, you can see there is quite a difference. Also, baby girl is swimming in a lot of fluid. This is leaving baby boy with a very small living space.

After the ultrasound, I met with my OB. She is such a sweet, gentle lady. She broke the news pretty much immediately that this is a concerning matter and it will require weekly monitoring. The weekly test will be a Biophysical Profile Test, which is much like a Non-stress Test. The seriousness of everything didn't really register with me until my OB said I would need to take 2 doses of steroid shots to mature the lungs of the babies. The first dose was after my glucose test, which was after my OB appointment (and BAM... passed it by 2 points, I'll take it! NO 3 hour test for me!). So I had my first my dose of steroids yesterday and my second today.

Having to take steroid shots leads me to believe we will deliver sooner than our anticipated date of April 24. This bums me out because (1) I was hoping to have a chance to go into labor naturally. Usually one likes to go into labor on their own rather than using drugs to help induce. The chance of a C-section is pretty high too. With 5 pregnancies and 6 babies under my belt... I've never had a C-section. I would much rather deliver naturally, but I am not totally anti C-section. Whatever will be will be. And (2) April 24 is the birthday of a very special person in Guy and Dror's life. It would be fun for her to share her birthday with the twins.

In the end, we just pray for two healthy babies. It's hard on all three of us because everything feels so up in the air. I could go in for testing one day and need an immediate c-section. That means the guys miss out on the birth of their babies. Of course, the most important thing is the safety and health of the babies, but I know how much they would love to watch their babies enter this world.

As all of this news settles, the guys and I have talked a lot (I guess we talk a lot anyway). We are feeling good that all will be okay. They are feeling mostly comfortable and calm... or at least, they play it off very well that they are :) I am feeling optimistic. The hardest part is waiting to hear decisions on a week by week basis. It would be awesome to go in for testing on Monday only to learn Baby girl has slowed down and Baby boy is going through a growth spurt.

Here are some u/s pics:

Baby girl... look how pretty she is!

Baby boy... look how smushed this sweet boy is. That is baby girl's head you see beside his face. It was harder to get a good image of him because of his position.

Recent bump pictures:


  1. Sweet babies are in our prayers!

    1. Your prayers are much appreciated! Thank you for stopping by.

  2. Wow, that's cute and exciting. Good luck Melissa.

  3. Oh, it is so hard hearing news like that even though we know in our heads that there was nothing that could have prevented that. Keep us all posted on what's going on. You know all of us who follow your blog care so much about you, the babies and your IPs!

    1. Such a sweet comment! Thanks Michael.

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