February 23, 2014

Preeclampsia with severe features and a hospital stay

In my last post I talked about my high blood pressure readings. Because of the high readings, and the levels of protein found in my urine, I was told to start taking my blood pressure at home.

Tuesday, the day after my appointment, I went to a local pharmacy to pick up a blood pressure machine. While I was there I took my blood pressure. The reading wasn't very good, something like 149/95. I hoped I was just getting an incorrect reading. Once I got home I tested myself again. Still high. I rested on my left side for 15 minutes. Took the test again. Still high. At this point I'm not sure what to do. So I continue to rest and test. After many high readings, I called my husband and told him I would need to go to OB triage to be monitored. He came home to be with the kids, and I left for the hospital. I've been here ever since.

After getting to triage, they hooked me up to the machines, and once again I was producing high readings. The monitoring started out pretty normal. Nurses and doctors coming and going. Blood work, many blood pressure readings. After about two hours (7:00pm) of being in triage, the nurse opened the door, and showed me a wheelchair. She told me I had a room ready in L&D. At this point I still thought I would be going home that night. Silly me.

I went to L&D and was hooked up to about a million cords. The nurse took my blood pressure again. It showed a ridiculously high number. She rushed out, and within two minutes, I had an IV started, and meds were being pushed through to lower the pressure. A few minutes later my pressure was taken again and it was in the 150's/90's. They also started a magnesium drip... I suggest you try to stay away from this stuff unless you enjoy headaches and puking.

After all of the drama we waited for the OB team to come up with a plan, and finish up a C-section. About 10:00pm a team of about 5 doctors came in, and didn't waste much time in telling me that I would be induced that night. I had a hard time hearing this info, but I acted brave, and told them I understood what was happening and why. After they left I completely broke down. My nurse comforted me since I had no one with me. The memories of this moment still brings tears to my eyes. It was very surreal. L&D nurses are so awesome.

Now I had the duty of calling Guy and Dror, and giving them this heartbreaking news. I dreaded telling them their babies would be delivered at just over 28 weeks. How horrifying! They were aware I was being monitored, but I don't think any of us were thinking delivery at this point. When they answered the phone I told them the bad news right away. They immediately put me at ease. They didn't panic or lose control. They would start making arrangements to get to MN ASAP.

Sleep was out of the question for the rest of the night. Doctors and nurses came and went throughout the night. The plan was to give me meds to soften my cervix, and start pitocin at some point. The goal was to deliver Wednesday afternoon/night. This would mean Guy and Dror would miss delivery, which we already assumed.

As the night rolled along, the Chief OB came in with another update. They decided to hold off on delivering for the night. My levels seemed to be stabilizing, the babies were doing great, and she just wasn't comfortable in making the call to deliver. We would wait for the MFM doctors (Maternal Fetal Medicine) to review my file in the morning. Hallelujah!!

Someone was watching over us, because the MFM doctors came in the next morning to tell me as long as everything stayed stable, and the babies looked good, we would do what is called "expectant management." This meant I would make the call as to when we would deliver. Obviously if something in my levels changed I would lose that privilege though.

Wednesday I was moved to a Antenatal room where I would start my hospitalized bedrest. The babies and I would continue to be monitored closely. The guys were all set for a long flight to MN, and... we were expecting a huge snowstorm. Perfect timing (sarcasm)...  But as long as I could stay stable, everything would be fine.

Wednesday and Thursday went by without incident. The only struggle was that G&D's connection flight from Chicago to MN was cancelled due to the snowstorm. Again, if I could just stay stable everything would be okay.

Friday morning brought good news. G&D were on their way to MN. Even though the weather was still bad, the flight would go on as planned. The morning cruised by with no bumps. The afternoon was different story. Just as G&D were coming up the elevator to the birth center, I was being wheeled back to L&D because of more high blood pressure readings.

G&D came into the room just before the nurse started hooking me up to all of the monitors. We all hugged, and then the monitored started. It wasn't a great way to start off their visit, but the nurses and doctors were able to stabilize everything again. While being monitored we were able to meet with the MFM doctors and a member of the neonatal team. I had already heard everything, but it was nice for G&D to hear it directly from the hospital staff.

Today is Sunday, and I've had a symptom free day! I won't be able to leave the hospital until after the babies are born. Hopefully we have some time before that happens. For now, we will take it one day at a time.

Here is my last at-home bump picture:


  1. Oh, honey. This was a scary post to read. Hang tough, girl! Sending positive energy those babies and your body will be able to hold out a few more weeks. ((Hugs))