February 21, 2014

Biophysical Profile Test and Preeclampsia

Yesterday we had our first weekly monitoring test. The test was preformed by ultrasound, where the tech watched for movements and breathing. Both babies scored an 8, which is perfect. I was thinking the test would be a bit more invasive, and include being hooked up to machines. But it was simple and fast.

After the ultrasound, I met with my OB. First I had my weight and blood pressure checked by the nurse. The nurse took my blood pressure 3 times. I was thinking maybe she wasn't getting a clear reading. Then she asked if my bp was normally high. My inside voice screamed "NOOOO" but I calmly told her that it's usually low. She was getting a reading of 130/80. She told me to sit tight and she'd recheck in a few minutes. So I sat. I knew it wouldn't show a lower number. I was not feeling high energy or anxious so there were other reasons why my bp was reading higher than normal.

She retested and got a reading of 130/82 every time. Grrr... So babies are doing great, but now we have a blood pressure issue. After talking with my OB for a bit, she sent me to get lab work done. I had a blood draw and a urine test. Later she called to tell me the levels of protein in my urine were higher than they like to see. Nothing major is happening right now. We are still only monitoring the situation. For now the babies and I are being monitored twice a week, and I need to check my blood pressure at home a few times a day.

I wrote this post last Tuesday morning........... things took a wild turn later that day. I'm writing that post now.

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