May 07, 2014

The day has come

I knew the day would eventually be here, but it still kinda sucks. Guy, Dror, Alma, and Leo are leaving this week. I mean, seriously, who wouldn't miss this...

Wow... it's still incredible that they have been here since February. When they arrived, we all assumed they would be here this long, but back then, May seemed so far away. Time is a funny thing.

One year ago in late March, Guy, Dror, Jeremy, and I met for the first time at Olive Garden. Not even one year later, Guy and Dror became parents. To complete the circle, we decided we had to end their stay with a date at Olive Garden.

So until we meet again... I'll think of you every single day and cherish the memories we made.


  1. Hi Melissa, we're a couple of guys living in Spain.
    Luckily we found your blog.
    You can inform us of what steps to take and who lead us?

  2. Were Ella and Ely fraternal twins or identical