October 07, 2011

My last appointment

At my appointment last week, I was able to see a new doctor. I am not very picky about doctors but was a little put off by the last few that examined me. The original OB we started with decided to move mainly to the GYN department so I was left to find a new doctor. The first one we tried was in a big hurry and just gave me a not-so-important feeling. Not that I need someone to bow down to me but don't make me feel like I am holding you back from something. The second doctor was fine but she was very laid back, almost too much, in my opinion. Finally, at this last appointment we found someone we will stick with. She has a very gentle nature, which I liked very much.

The appointment was just a normal check-up to be sure everything is on track. I think I have mentioned this before, we have a portable ultrasound at every appointment so they can be sure to record both of the babies' heart rates. With a Doppler, it's kind of a guessing game as to which baby you are hearing. Anywho, all checked out fine and the babies are doing great. The only issue that came up was my heart rate. I have been noticing some irregular heartbeats. My heartbeats become very hard and fast once in awhile. I was put on a Holter monitor for 24 hours and the results came back a-okay.

My next appointment is at the end of October. I will be 25 weeks. Once I hit 28 weeks, we will start having ultrasounds (not portable) every 3 weeks to check on the growth development. I am excited about that, it's so fun peeking in on them.

We confirmed that induction will happen at 38 weeks. A natural delivery will be possible as long as Twin A is head down. Please keep your fingers crossed she will be head down... I really want to avoid a C-Section.

One thing I wonder about is the intensity of labor with twins. I do not have epidurals simply because I would rather deal with the pain than to have someone stick a needle into my back and I don't want to deal with side effects. Also, I would hate for it to slow up delivery. My plan is to not have a epi with this delivery either.

Regarding my last post, I have decided to work on my patience. I always feel like I am in the fast lane (having 4 kids will do this) and that everything should be done in a timely manner (or shall I say, when I want it done, ha!). Being this way, I find that I miss out on some opportunities with my kids.

Take care friends!



  1. Natural childbirth will be possible as long as the double room A head down. Please keep your fingers crossed that she would head down.

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  2. Yes, but I really hoping to have both head down. I know it has been done a lot but, I would be nervous for baby boy to be delivered feet first. Fingers crossed we have 2 head down babies come delivery day :)