October 14, 2011

Not much is new

Not much to update lately. We are still chugging along and growing two babies. I have been feeling well and getting around just fine. I have noticed that I am starting to get much clumsier... which doesn't seem possible because I am naturally clumsy enough. I find I am constantly dropping things. When I feel something dropping it's like a slow motion "nooooooooooo". This is where having kids is helpful. If they are near, I ask them to pick it up.

We are at 25 weeks. This week the babies are working on developing their lungs. They still need plenty of time before they will be developed enough to breathe on their own but they are off to a good start. Up until now, their nostrils have been plugged but that is not so anymore. As they become unplugged, it allows the babies to practice breathing. Also, this week the babies are turning pinker. Tiny capillaries are forming under their skin and filling up with blood.

I plan on taking some maternity pictures soon. I want to do it before I get too big. I just haven't found enough time to get them done. Once I get them done, I will share them with you. I am an aspiring photographer and I plan to do them myself.... one word... challenging. I enjoy a challenge, though.

Take care friends!


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