February 18, 2012

Sandy beaches - I'm coming for you!

At the end of January my mom invited me to St. Thomas. She explained to me that she won a short trip (about 3 days) but she wasn't exactly sure of the dates. She knew it would be toward the end of February. Of course, I quickly accepted her invite.
I talked to my mom a few times after the invite and got all of the trip details. I applied for and received my passport (yes, I am thirty-five and I didn't have a passport until now). I talked to my daycare families and told them I would be closed for a few days. Lined up people to watch my kids. Check, check and check. All set to go.

Fast forward to this week.................................. my husband calls me over to him. He is sitting on the couch with his computer. I sit down next to him and I think to myself that he is acting a little strange. He smirks at me and starts playing the song "Kokomo" by The Beach Boys. Now I think to myself "who is this whack-o I'm sitting next to". Okay, I didn't really think that because he's a goofball and this behavior is typical. While the song is playing, he opens an email with a flight itinerary. This is where things gets weird and my mind spins 100 miles per hour trying to figure out what is being presented to me. Jeremy shows me the flight itinerary and the dates. Back to my mom for a second, the dates she gave me were: leaving MN on a Sunday and returning Tuesday, a short and sweet v-cay. Back to Jeremy, he says "I thought you were coming back on Tuesday". See, the flight confirmation showed me leaving on a Sunday and returning the following Sunday. I am thinking a hundred million things like "why is my flight info in his email", "why was the info emailed when my mom said she would drop off the info", "my mom rarely uses email", "what's up with these dates, why would my mom give me the wrong dates", "if these dates are real, what am I going to do about my daycare business" and other thoughts I can't think of right now. The hamster in my mind was showing his wheel who was boss, he was working so hard he was about to take flight on his wheel.

I know you're thinking "okay, we get it... move along already".

While I am trying to wrap my mind around all of this Jeremy opens another email. This one I can't understand at all. I see that it is another itinerary but since I am still trying to figure out what the last email was about, there is no way I can comprehend this email. This email has mine and Jeremy's name on it. It also has one of the new daddy's name on it. I quickly tuck away my thoughts about the previous email and start focusing on this one. My immediate thought is "what kind of joke is this". My husband is a storyteller like no other and I wouldn't past him to create a "fake" email/itinerary. I shake my head at that today because really... who would take the time to make such detailed emails.

Alright alright.... I'll get to the point...

I finally understand what is happening. Actually, I think I figured it out a few minutes before I realized I figured it out (does that make any sense at all!?!). I was just thrown off guard and a little overwhelmed.

Roy and Avner contacted my husband (sending thanks to my bff, Carrie) back in December. They told him they wanted to send us on a cruise after the babies were born. This privileged information was not for my ears to hear. To pull this off, Jeremy would need help. He enlisted my mom to help him create a fake trip so I would have a reason to get my passport. Jeremy also contacted most of my daycare families and had that all arranged. He lined up care for our boys (sending thanks to my mother-in-law. I sure am happy she likes my kids).

I wish my reaction to this news could have been recorded for Roy and Avner. I know they would have been amused.

If you made it through this whole post... bless you! I know I could have simply said "Guess what, I am going on a cruise" and "I have the best IPs in the whole wide world".

We set sail soon and I couldn't be more excited!! Yay us!



  1. Yaaaaa what an awesome surprise for you! What amazing IP's, and an amazing hubby to pull it all together for you. Have tons of fun on your cruise you so deserve it.

  2. That is amazing!!! Hope you both have a blast!

  3. Thank you! I am sure fun will be had :)