February 04, 2012

You'll be in my heart

I am officially parked in Hormone Ally. It's Friday and I haven't had a cry-free day yet this week. I know this sounds completely dramatic. On a normal day I don't even come close to being a drama queen so this is a bit unusual for me. The hormones will eventually balance out and all will be fine.

The good, the bad and the ugly are bringing tears to my eyes this week. For instance, the bad... learning the date the guys and babies are leaving, the ugly... dealing with tantrums and fighting children.

This post is more about the good, though. So starting smiling already, okay? A few nights ago, I was on my way to pick up my daughter from church. I was listening to a radio show hosted by a woman named Delilah. She plays sappy songs for listeners who write or call into the show with whatever happy or sad issues they have going on in their life. This particular part of the show a woman called in and wanted to dedicate a song to the birth parents of her new son. That in itself is purpose for a song dedication but the tears came to me as Delilah got more of the story from the woman.

The woman was on her way to an appointment when she noticed a pregnant woman sitting on the curb with a cardboard sign that read something about being homeless and in need of food. The woman said this broke her heart so she invited the pregnant woman to lunch. How amazing is that? It takes major heart and soul to invite a stranger to lunch. She is a truly selfless person. As they sat for lunch they talked. The woman learned that the 30-something year old pregnant woman was married. She was also a heroin addict. She knew she couldn't keep the baby and her husband was not physically able to care for a baby. The selfless woman gave the pregnant woman the name and phone number of a friend who happened to be a social worker. Not with any intent of adopting the baby but just to help this woman. Six days later the selfless woman received a call from her social worker friend. The pregnant woman wanted this angel of a person to adopt her baby boy. And that is just what happened.

I am sharing this because it shows how one awesome gesture (taking someone to lunch) changed the lives of numerous people. This child will forever be a gift to this family. His mother knew she couldn't provide for him and her selfless act was to give him to someone that could. Really it's a touching story.

The song Delilah chose to play was "You'll be in my heart" by Phil Collins. I have heard this song hundreds of times. It's a great song. Have a listen here:

To Roy, Avner and the babies: we will be many miles apart but please know you will always be in my heart! I love you all!



  1. That gave me goosebumps!

  2. What a great story. Thanks for sharing it.