April 03, 2012

The big furry guy is coming

The Easter Bunny will be stopping by our house soon. I heard through the grapevine that my darling daughter (dd) is going to lose her mind when she sees what he got her.

See, my dd has what is known as the dreaded "One Direction Infection". You may have no idea what this means so I'll share with you. It's when a teen girl has a severe infatuation with the newest boy band, One Direction. My dd has the most severe case I have ever seen. She doodles their names, her iPod Touch is constantly streaming their music, she goes into a weird trance when the newest issue of J-14 arrives in the mailbox. Oh yeah... she's got it bad. I don't blame her though. These young men are adorable! Her favorite is Louie but personally I think Harry is the cutest.

Anyway, that funny bunny will leave one ticket for her to see this band. The best part is that I happen to have 3 tickets of my own and the seats are right next to hers. What luck!

In June, my dd, her bff, her bff's mom and myself will be heading to Chicago for the concert. She is going to go crazy when she sees this ticket and I can not wait for her reaction. My dd rarely does anything without the power of drama so I imagine the screaming will shatter my eardrums but I am more than happy to give her this super awesome, fun memory.

This won't be her first concert. A couple of years ago she saw Hannah Montana w/Jonas Brothers. Last year she saw Taylor Swift. I can't remember what row she was in but it was very close to the stage and she caught a guitar pick.

This is gonna be fun!

ETA: I have had some readers concerned that my dd will see this post. No worries... she doesn't follow my blog.


  1. Fun! I love it when we parents get to surprise the kids with the "big" gifts...the ones we know they're going to FREAK OUT about!