April 01, 2012

His wife made him do it...

Before going grocery shopping yesterday I stopped by the library to drop off one movie and one book. The drive-thru drop off is located behind the library. I (and many others) consider this drive-thru similar to that of a "10 items or less" lane at Target. This lane is shaped as a U and is fairly short in length.

My first clue to not attempt a quick drop off should have been the wide open trunk I spotted in front of me. Did I mention it's a one-way U shape? Once you're in the lane, you're at the mercy of those before you. So I pull up slowly behind Mr. Open Trunk Guy feeling slightly annoyed. Now mind you, he is standing at the drive-thru drop off. Of course he is - how else would he get the bagsssssssssssss and binsssssssssssssss of books out of his trunk and on to the conveyor belt that only accepts books one by one.

While I am waiting, I try to avoid eye contact with this guy. I am embarrassed for him because: 
1.) there are now at least 3 cars behind me and one waiting in the road to turn into the drive-thru
2.)I can only imagine how he ended up in this position.

Husband(H): Good morning dear
Wife(W): Oh good, you are finally awake (giving him the stink eye)
H: Ah, yeah
W: Here's your weekend to-do list. I'm going shopping. Ta Ta

H looks at his list. "1. Return books to the library. I kindly loaded them into your trunk". Seems simple but that last line should have been a sign that there would be more than just a few books. H doesn't bother to look in the trunk before heading to the library. H pulls into the drive-thru whistling a happy tune. H opens the trunk and nearly poos in his drawers at the sight of 75 books staring back at him. But that doesn't stop him from loading every single one on to the conveyor belt one by one.

When done, H sheepishly closes his trunk, dashes to the driver's seat (for his safety, probably locks all the doors), makes a mental note to check the trunk next time and then drives directly to the bar.


  1. But probably its the one time in months he's actually helped her out and she's been planning this since Christmas. Just sayin'. :) (Obvs. I'd totally do this to my husband.)