July 27, 2011

Another week down...13 weeks

We have now reached the 13 week mark. At the end of this week, I will be entering the second trimester. Yoo whoo! The babies continue to grow like crazy. Their ears are moving into the proper location. Tiny bones are forming in their legs and arms. Their vocal cords are well under construction and the intestines are moving from the umbilical cord (where they have been growing until now) into the their abdomens. See what I mean, growing like crazy! Their bodies are also catching up to their heads, ever so slightly. They are about the size of a peach. They are almost 3 inches in length and 0.81 oz... almost one full ounce! Within 3 weeks, they will be anywhere from 3 to 5 oz... that's a whole lot of progress!


As for me, I have been feeling better. The nausea is decreasing and the fatigue isn't an all day occurrence. I am optimistic that the second trimester will be great. My belly continues to expand. My lungs are not being pressed on yet but I lose my breathe quite easily, which is just another first trimester symptom. It should go away soon but will return when the babies get bigger and start shoving my organs around.


The gender interest has been in very high demand, people are just itching to know. It's just fun to know, isn't it?? We won't be sure until the anatomy ultrasound which will be around 18-20 weeks (even then we may not know for sure). For today, Twin A is a girl and Twin B is a boy!!! One of each... how prefect!


I had a check-up today. It was just a short visit. The nurse that called me back was super nice and we quickly got on the subject of IVF. She was young, I would say mid to late 20's. When she pulled up my information about the medication I am taking, I told her I was done with all IVF meds. She mentioned that she was thinking about starting IVF. I was kind of taken off guard because from my experience most people don't talk about it openly to strangers. She was very open about the subject or she felt comfortable talking about it with me, either way I am glad she spoke about it. Her trials broke my heart but her spirit was very positive. Can you imagine working around pregnant women and babies all day and not being able to go home to your own?

I have gained almost 5 pounds already... hope some of that is bloating because 5 pounds already is a little much in my opinion. Yes, I realize it's twins and I will gain more weight than a singleton pregnancy. I am not one to be obsessed with my weight but I am very careful to not gain a ton during a pregnancy. Baby weight is hard to lose!


The main thing the doctor and I talked about was the end of the pregnancy. I know, I know... I have plenty of time to talk about that but I want to get my "ducks in a row" and have an understanding of what may be in store for me. Mostly, bedrest and going into early labor. I was told that bedrest is usually not required, whew! Depending on the situation, it could be anything from being restricted from work to admission into the hospital. As for early labor (talking like 32 weeks and after), they won't do much to stop labor. They may try to hold it off a day or two until the steroids for the lungs can take effect but that would depend on dilatation. The hope is that we make it to at least 34 weeks. The good news, they will most likely induce by 38 weeks. Pregnancy is wonderful (with the exception of a few symptoms) until about 36/38 weeks. So 38 weeks sounds good to me. I am really hoping for a scheduled delivery. This will make it so much easier for the guys to plan their travel arrangements. It's important to all of us that they are here for delivery, I am sure you are saying to yourself "duh, obviously". I try to not get anxious about the possibility of them not being here. I push the thought away when it enters my mind... and it enters a lot. There isn't much we can do if it happens and I know all will be fine but I think you know what I mean.

That's all for today. Thanks for checking in!


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