July 23, 2011

Genetic screening

I recently had some genetic testing done to check for Down's Syndrome and Tricomy 18/13. I met with the counselor first and was given an estimated chance of the odds, which are quite low because of the egg donor's age. To be honest, I was a little nervous. Not because I "felt" there was something wrong but because it's just natural to worry about these things.

After meeting with the counselor, I met with the ultrasound technician. As we entered the room, I told her the intended parents would be on speakerphone throughout the screening, which she was fine with. I hopped up on the table and called the guys. The warm gel was applied to my belly and within seconds the babies were on the screen. It blows my mind how much they have grown since the last u/s. The last u/s was on a portable machine so the quality wasn't top notch. The tech located Twin A (my right side, somewhat under Twin B). Twin A was hanging out on his/her back just chilling when we first peeked but soon was showing us some mad twirling skills. By the time we were done, he/she was face down. At one point, you could see his/her hand up by it's mouth. It's seriously just an amazing thing. I told the tech how lucky she was that this was her job, she agreed. So the measurements were taken and everything is perfect! Heartbeat was around 170. I can quit using he/she because the tech was able to check out the goodies. But I am not sure if the guys are ready to share. Sorry, I won't share here until I know it's okay.

Twin A's profile... he/she was constantly moving the little arms up by the the face so it was hard to get a good image (note: Twin B's head above)

Nice little legs (toes toward the top of image)

On to Twin B (my left side), this one was busy right off the bat! It's was the cutest thing. He/she (nope, I am not telling you the gender) was pushing off my uterus for quite awhile. It was hard for the tech to get a good image at first because this one was just jamming to his/her own drum. This was the most entertaining u/s I have ever had, my own kids were not this busy. Maybe my kids had stage freight or something. Anyway, after the jam session Twin B was feeling sleepy so it relaxed and the tech was able to do her thing. The measurements were taken and everything looks perfect. Yay 2 for 2! Heartbeat was around 160.

Twin B's face... we got a little wave from this one. Notice the hand above it's head.

Beautiful profile picture... after he/she settled down a little. Cracks me up how busy this one was in the beginning.

So all in all the appointment was terrific! 

Thanking for checking in!



  1. My guess is one boy and one girl! :)

  2. I am going with two little girls :-) Do tell when you can :-)