July 07, 2011

10 week mark

It's hard to believe that I am 10 weeks already! It's been an up and down week. I have had a very up close and personal relationship with my toilet. I have also learned to keep (pardon my use of words) barf bags in my vehicle. It can show up anytime and anywhere. I have my fingers crossed that the nausea goes away soon... could you cross your fingers, too??

I had an appointment yesterday. There was another ultrasound and we were able to hear the heartbeats. I say "we" because Roy and Avner were able to be on speakerphone during part of the appointment. They were able to get some questions answered, as well. It was nice to have them "there". The ultrasound pictures are not very clear so I'll explain them as best I can.

Both babies, I believe it to be the tops of their heads. Already showing off their big brains :)

I don't know if this is Baby left or Baby right. It looks to be the frontal view. You can see the little arm poking out.

Again both babies, not sure what kind of view we have here. It looks like you can see the legs of baby left (right side).

The babies will no longer be considered embryos at the end of this week. They will begin their fetus adventures at the end of 10 weeks. Their hands and feet are still webbed but the webbing is slowly disappearing. Their bones are starting to harden and their kidneys are producing urine. They are about the size of a grape according to one website... in my experience, grapes are all different sizes so this was not helpful. Their length should be around 1.22 in and almost 0.14 oz. Heartbeats were good, right around 160 for both. 

I will be able to stop taking the extra hormones this coming Monday. While I know taking the injections has gotten us where we need/want to be, I will be so pleased to be done with the part of the process.

Thank you to everyone that has sent prayers and positive thoughts. They are definitely working so keep them coming!!

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