June 28, 2011

Here's what I know today

It's a beautiful day!!! The weather could not be more perfect. We enjoyed our morning at the park and that can only mean 2 things... I am not exhausted beyond reason and I am not suffering from terrible morning sickness. YAY me!!! I have had a pretty good last few days. I still get moments of complete exhaustion but I will take that any day over feeling ill. My appetite is okay but I still have meals that I can't finish because I get a "grossed out" feeling. Another thing, I seem to always have a bad taste in my mouth. Jolly Rancher candies seem to help.

Today, I am 9 weeks. According my trusty pregnancy calendar, the babies have once again doubled in size... I assume this means within the last week. Their heads are still huge and the some organs are developing this week. They are about the size of a cherry.

Some pregnant women claim they can feel movement at 9, 10, 11 weeks... I have never felt movement that early. For me, it's usually around 15 weeks. While resting, I have been feeling "things"... I can't say for sure it is movement, though. I felt the weirdest thing last night while trying to fall asleep. It was a feeling like my stomach was expanding. Imagine blowing up a balloon very slowly, that is the only way I can explain it. I know that sounds silly... of course, I can't feel my stomach growing. It was such a strange feeling.

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