June 05, 2011

Let the games begin...

Each day fatigue has been increasing and the nauseous feeling is tapping me on my shoulder as a gentle reminder of the 2 little beans growing in my belly. I am sure I am still in shock that both little bubbas implanted. The nickname "bubbas" came from the daddies to be... even before the transfer they were using this nickname.

With my own children, morning sickness and fatigue did not show until I was 6 weeks pregnant. I am not surprised to see it showing up earlier with this pregnancy. Coffee and my daily caffeine free diet coke have been thrown out the window. As with every past pregnancy these drinks are completely unappealing. I hate to be cliche but pickles are delish!! I don't have any strong cravings yet. I await what they will be. It varied with each of my children, my daughter it was breakfast food, 1st son was 100 Grand candy bars, 2nd son was tater tot hotdish and 3rd son was Warhead candies. Currently, I am debating what I will eat when I am done writing this... left over pizza from lunch or Cocoa Pebbles cereal.

Okay moving on from cravings and morning sickness... I had a blood test last Thursday to be sure my Hcg levels were still rising. The results were very good, somewhere around 9800. The first ultrasound will be around 6 weeks. I love ultrasounds!!


  1. I am enjoying everything that you write. I think you should seriously reconsider photography and become a writer. Or do both.

  2. Very sweet but I think I'll pass :)

    In fact, I was thinking about adding a disclaimer to this blog regarding my poor writing skills. LOL