June 01, 2011

A day after positive results

I have another blood test tomorrow at 9:45 to make sure my Hcg levels are still rising. Since we know the exact conception date, the levels are proving that I am most likely pregnant with twins. I am 4 weeks and one day pregnant today. Yesterday, my level was in the 3000... which I am told is high.

I have received many nice comments and support from family members and friends. I am very lucky to be surrounded by so much love.

Becoming a surrogate isn't for everyone. I don't say that like "oh wow, look at me, I am THAT awesome". What I mean is that some people don't "get it" or may find it completely unnatural. Top that with a gay couple and it's even more unflattering to them. I am very aware there are people that still live with tightly closed minds. It's a sad fact. I do not like to debate, I don't like confrontation, I am not sure how I would handle someone responding negatively about me being a surrogate. I can tell you one thing, though. I have my reasons for doing this and that's what important.

A child needs love, support, guidance and discipline. Did I wonder if this couple would be good parents? Well, of course I did but I would have had the same wonders of a heterosexual couple. In the end, would anyone go this route if they weren't absolutely ready for children? Going through IVF isn't exactly convenient or inexpensive.