November 08, 2011

28 weeks pregnant.. holy smokes!

**pokes head out from behind the curtains** anyone there? HELLOOOO???

Sorry for the crickets these last few weeks. I have been busy with my photography and to top it off had some major computer issues. Anywho, surro-mama is back in town and feeling fine. No news was good news.

I had my 28 week check-up today. We have started growth ultrasounds and will continue to have them every 3 weeks for now. As always we checked out baby girl (twin A) first. She is growing like a champ. Her estimated weight is 2 lbs 15 oz and she is measuring 11 days early. She wasn't as busy as previous ultrasounds but we did catch her yawning again. Baby boy (twin B) has been busy... he is now breech! All hopes are that he will change positions and end up head down again. I was a little sad that he changed positions not because it's a possible sign of an impending C-section but because they were so darn cute when they were cuddled head to head. I am guessing he was annoyed with her so he flipped... LOL. Baby boy is growing just as well as baby girl. He is estimated at 2 lbs 13 oz and measuring 14 days early.

Even though the babies are measuring 2 weeks early, it doesn't mean they are ready to come anytime soon. My doctor was very pleased to see them growing so well. During the ultrasound, Roy, one of the daddies-to-be, asked what I was feeding the babies... my response: "we just grow 'em big in Minnesota". Ha! Honestly though, I can't say that my appetite has changed much. I am really surprised by how much weight I have gained already. I don't eat big meals because heartburn smacks me around if I do and I don't graze all day. I feel very bloated and round. This feeling has came on suddenly, probably within the last few weeks. I joke that I probably shouldn't sit or lie down because one of these times I won't be able to get back up. I'll need to call the fire department to help get me out of the house once I go into labor (if you've seen some of those shows about very large people, you'll understand what I mean). I knew I would grow huge so I say all of this in a teasing manner.

I have been having tons of contractions, probably ranging around 10 or more a day. They are only Braxton Hicks and not painful at all. I had these contractions with my other pregnancies but never this much. I am not too concerned about them nor is my doctor. My cervix is still very long so it doesn't appear these contractions are labor inducing. Plus, it's very common to have a higher amount of contractions when pregnant with multiples.

I have tried to capture the babies moving on video but once I start taping it, they stop moving. I am going to keep trying and I will succeed! Once I have it, I will share it here.

Enjoy some pictures:

Baby girl yawning 28 weeks

Baby boy 28 weeks


  1. the second photos is so clear. just amazing! thanks for sharing! Take care.

  2. Thanks for your comment, Doug! This is truly a beautiful adventure.