November 21, 2011

Even my hands are fat....

Have you seen the movie "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory"? The original one? If you have, you'll know the scene where Violet takes the chewing gum that tastes like that of a three course meal. The last course, of course, is dessert. I believe it was blueberry pie. Anyhow, she chews and chews and chews until finally she starts turning blue herself. Then suddenly she swells into a huge blueberry. I am seriously on my way to swelling up as she did, only I won't be turning blue :)

I have had "cankles" for quite some time now but my hands are even joining in on the fun. I feel like I have fat little sausages for fingers. So my comment in a previous post about the firefighters having to break me out of my house is becoming very real. If you were to watch me roll over in bed, you would have a good laugh... it's a whole big production and takes several (and I mean several) seconds to do it. Sometimes I have to get out of bed just to get into a different position.

You're going to be happy you tuned into this post because I am including a picture on my gorgeous "cankle". I took this picture this morning. My socks had only been on for about 3 hours and you can see an impression from it.

she's a beauty, huh?

Here are my fat little sausages. Many of you have no idea what my hands usually look like so it may not seem like a big deal. Trust me - they're little chubbies right now. My ring barely squeezes on these days.

All the swelling jokes aside, I am doing just fine. It's part of the process.

Thanks for checking in!


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