May 09, 2012

Another child lost

A child dealing with bullying + depression = another child dead. The latest incident in our city happened Sunday night. No way can I wrap my mind around how badly someone must be feeling in order to go through any form of suicide. I can't put myself in their shoes. I just know that something terrible is going on inside their head.

Monday morning, the school district sent out emails and phone calls to families of high school and middle school kids informing us of a student's death. While I listened to the automated phone call, my thoughts were that this child had taken his own life. That's probably because our community went through a suicide just a week prior. The call stated that the child had died earlier that morning in the hospital. No details as to how or why. My thoughts were clouded with this child most of the day. I hoped that he had not chosen death for himself, I hoped something else had chosen his fate.

The phone call said he had two sisters in middle school. Since middle school only has 3 grades (6th-8th) it was a fair assumption that one of the sisters is in Kaelyn's (my daughter) grade. When Kaelyn came home from school later that day, I asked her about it but she hadn't heard anything. A few minutes after talking with her, she got a text from a friend telling her about the boy. The message said he committed suicide because he was bullied for being gay. It's just heartbreaking.

Normally I don't want to know the "how'd they do it" details. Not because I think it will be gruesome or because I don't care. I just think it's disrespectful to be so nosy about the subject. On the other hand, I also think it's human nature to be curious. The details of this incident really disturb me though. The story published in our local paper goes like this: near one of our local high schools (the high school he attended) is an enclosed pedestrian bridge. The street below is busy. Around midnight, he climbed to the top of the pedestrian bridge and jumped. He later died at the hospital.

I don't share this information with you just to share it. I am sharing it because I want you all to know the pain this boy must have been struggling with. Any form of suicide is unthinkable to most of us. To me, public suicides scream a statement. Think about the time it took to climb that bridge, the emotions screeching through him, to feel so empty and worthless then to end it all with a jump. I wonder... did he hope someone would stop him and a happy ending would be had? Did he lose his footing and fall? Or did he have every intention of going out like that?

Please spread the awareness!


  1. This is so incredibly sad. I break down in tears every time I read of something like this happening.

    The ONLY positive thing here is that YOU my friend, seem to have found something (or maybe a couple somethings) that you feel passionately about, and you are taking action. You're sharing with others and that is one way we can continue to fight this battle. Keep up the good work! YOU are making a difference. XO

    1. Thanks Jeni! Awareness is all we can really do. Keep spreading the word and make sure our children know how to defend themselves in bad situations.

  2. How awful that this happened again. Hopefully sharing this story will make people think twice before bullying and those who can will get involved. It's people like you, who are empathetic and sympathetic and touched by events like this, who will help make a change for the better.