May 16, 2012

Wanna see a sweet newborn?

It's no surprise that I LOVE newborns. I discovered this love the first moment I saw my daughter. Had I been using my brain a little better after she was born, I would have turned to a career handling newborns.

I was 21 when I had my daughter. Young, young, young. Thankfully, the older we get the wiser we grow. I am not quite middle age but I am quietly sneaking up on the heels of it. I realize I could go back to college and begin the long process of becoming an OB nurse or a midwife. Honestly, I can't see myself doing that. I couldn't dedicate myself to school right now.

Another love of mine is photography. Newborns + photography? Ahhh.. now we're getting somewhere. I became serious about my photography 2 years ago. My goal is to focus on maternity (check out my self-shot maternity, not terrific but self-portraits aren't so easy), birth and newborn photography. I have done quite a bit of maternity and newborns but no birth sessions. I simply can't wait to do one. Capturing the first moments of a new baby's arrival would be... I can't even come up with a word to describe how great it would be.

Since there are so many babies springing up (or shall I say out) in blog world it seems appropriate to share a few shots from my latest newborn session. This little guy is only 3 days old in these pictures.

And while I'm at it... here is my most favorite newborn shot ever. It just happens to be of my sweet little surrogirl, Ella. I think I shared it here before. She was just a couple of weeks old when I took it. This is true baby love!



  1. You are really good at it! The one of Ella is amazing :)
    We're hoping to find someone in San Diego so we can get some nice first week photos. My iphone shots don't quite compare!

    1. Thanks! I really hope you do find a photographer... you won't ever ever regret getting newborn pics.

  2. Those are really good shots. We didn't get any like the Ella shot and I wish we had.

    1. Thanks! I wish we would have done professional newborn pics with my kids. Live and learn. 2 of my 4 kids hate when I take out my camera... boo!