May 14, 2012

Everyone should have one

I have a rockstar best friend. I know most people think they do but I really do. In addition to being an awesome bff, she is a wife, a mother to 2 beautiful little girls, an attorney and my IVF nurse during my bedrest after the transfer. Yeah, she's pretty kick butt.

A few weeks ago, Carrie and I ventured off to Duluth, MN for a good old-fashioned girls weekend. Our plan was to go hiking but the rainy weather wouldn't allow it. What do girls do best when it's raining? Shop. A friend of Carrie's gave us a private shopping session in her boutique. I didn't buy a lot but I am now a proud owner of a pair of Sanuk flip flops... oh so cozy for the tootsies (side note: their Sidewalk Surfers shoe adorbs! Adding them to my wish list).

Me and Carrie
After the shopping we got ourselves all dolled up for the evening.

We went over to Canal Park, which is the tourist shopping district of Duluth. Our first stop was Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory where I bought some delicious caramel apples. One was coated with caramel and smothered with Snickers and another was coated in caramel, peanut butter and mini chocolate chips. These were gifts for the hubs and kids. But don't worry... I sampled some.

Me and Chef Bear
 I think Carrie and Chef Bear had a "thing" for each other. See the Chef's hand? 

Next we went to dinner at a tasty Italian restaurant. I had the Garlic Shrimp Fettuccine and Carrie had the Ravioli. We were both very pleased with our meals. After dinner we walked over to the Lake Superior shore for pictures and froze our tushes right off. It was windy and cold. Have a look at how they turned out:

You can't compete with wind.

After the wind tunnel photo session (which I am sure has made us a shoo-in for People's next "50 Most Beautiful" issue) we headed over to have an adult beverage and warm up. Then we went back to the hotel to sit in the hot tub and enjoy some wine.

The next day we decided to tour an old mansion. The mansion was built by the Congdon family in early 1900. The mansion is called Glensheen. While the mansion itself is grand and intriguing, another intriguing factor is that two murders took place within the mansion walls in 1977. A tour of the mansion had been on my "bucket list" since I read the book Will to Murder.

Front of the mansion

The arrows point to where the nurse and Elisabeth Congdon were murdered

Me and Carrie on the shore of Lake Superior on the Glensheen grounds

 After the tour, we drove south to return home. It was a wonderful weekend with laughs, shopping therapy and relaxation.

Thanks Carrie for being one heck of a bestie!


  1. Chef Bear had quite the moves - I didn't even realize where he had placed his paw until I saw this picture. Notice his diverted eyes. Very smooth.

    I love you, my best friend, and I'm so glad we were able to get away, even if it was just for a night! Here's to many more memories! Mwuah!

    1. You betcha! I just noticed I called the bear's paw and hand... lol