January 18, 2012

To breastfeed or not to breastfeed

I struggled with this topic the closer we got to delivery. In the beginning, I was all for it. I nursed all of my children and find that breastfeeding is a healthy choice for both babies and moms. For me, I nursed for bonding reasons as well as for health.

As the the due date approached, I started questioning if nursing was a good idea and if it was something I could really manage. By good idea, I mean would this cause a bond that would make things complicated for me and possibly the babies. I am guessing probably not because I wouldn't have actually breastfed, I would have pumped only. But the question still remained. By manage, I mean would I have enough time to pump for two babies while tending to my own family.

I was never worried much about having a maternal bond to the babies. My mentality going into this journey and throughout the pregnancy has always been exactly where and what it needed to be. When I think about it now I do wish I would have trusted myself and went forth with pumping for the babies. It would have only been for a couple weeks and I would have managed just fine.

I am posting this because I know other surrogates read my blog and possibly my thoughts will help them.


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