January 05, 2012

36 week update - so close!

I am now 36 weeks and 2 days. We had an ultrasound on Monday which informed us that both babies are about 6 1/2 pounds!!! Baby boy gained 2 lbs in 2 weeks... what the heck!?! Baby girl gained about 1 lbs. Both babies are looking terrific!

I had a tour of the birth center because I have never had a baby at this hospital. It will be a bit different than what I am accustomed to. In my past experience, I labored, delivered and did my postpartum recovery all in the same room. This time around I will have 3 different rooms. I will labor in one room, deliver in another and recover in another. Seems wild to me. I would much rather have the show go down in one room. I told you how I am once it's time to push... I have something like an out of body experience and can't stop myself from pushing. I can foresee a hallway delivery here! Oh the drama will be had. I'll give those nurses something to talk about.

Since my appointments were setup a little goofy, I met with my OB yesterday instead of right after the ultrasound. She did a Strep B test and for fun I asked her to check my cervix. She seemed surprised that I was about 50% effaced and two fingertips (she didn't translate to cm) dilated. The show is beginning! Her reaction makes me think that I could go sooner than Jan 17. I usually do an eye roll when hear pregnant women say "I just know I'll go early". I don't want to be that pregnant woman so I am not confidently saying I will go into labor early. It's the feeling I got from my OB's check. The guys have rearranged their travel plans and are arriving earlier. I really hope I am not "crying wolf" and that I don't make them sit around and wait too long!

I don't have any ultrasound pictures to show you because they didn't turn out very well. Here is a belly bump picture though. I even included my head this time.  :)

Thanks for checking in - this may be the last post from me as a pregnant lady!!



  1. Wow. Awesome belly shots! Glad things are going well. GOOD LUCK!!!

  2. Sooooooo excited to see these little babies come into the world soon.