December 30, 2011

Growing babies... it's a wonderful thing but ouch!

The two little bundles of joy are definitely growing bigger and bigger everyday. They are moving into regions of my body they probably shouldn't. My belly officially rests on my lap when I am sitting, it probably has for awhile now but I haven't noticed it. I walk like I am holding a ball between my knees, to drop the ball would lead to the world exploding. Which reminds me of a funny little thought I had earlier in this pregnancy. As I was walking out of the OB office one day, a petite young lady was walking in. She was very pregnant. She had such a waddle that it seemed to be an over exaggeration. I thought to myself  "hehe, first time mom". Now I open mouth and insert foot. I need the hallways cleared as I am coming through... I have a total sway as I walk. I am not as big as I thought I would be but I am definitely not packing a small bump. I was talking with a pregnant woman earlier this month and asked her when she was due. She said 3 weeks... she probably noticed my jaw drop because I was her size at about 4 or 5 months - not kidding! I have been getting the question "when are you due" more often. I say the date and I feel the need to say it's twins to save them from saying something stupid. The usual response is surprise there are two babies which surprises me. I have to wonder if they are just being kind. I'll try to post a picture next week of the growing bump.

In other news, my body is growing tried and a little sore. It is very hard keeping up with chores and those 3 little cherubs or monsters (depending on the day) running around my house. My heartburn is usually lingering even with medication. My hips are feeling uncomfortable from the extra weight they are chugging around. I am in a full body bloat mode most of the day. I use the restroom only to feel like I have use it again right away. These are just the joys we experience as the end of pregnancy approaches. It's nothing new to me as I have had these aches and pains previously and knew what to expect. I must admit I thought the aches and pains would be greater considering I am carrying twins.

Now for some sentimental stuff. Earlier today I was holding my 20 month old (who happens to be a cherub today) and he was cuddling me, a very rare occasion these days. After he cuddled for a moment he pointed out our facial features. His favorites are the nose and mouth. He'd point to his mouth then mine and say "mouth". We did this for a few minutes then returned to a few moments of cuddling. Like I said, it's a rare thing so I will drop anything for cuddles with my kids. Sure it wasn't anything earth shattering but even these quick little encounters can be such a sweet and beautiful moment. It can melt away any troubles you may be feeling, make you feel like there is no one else in the world, just a wonderful thing. I cherish these moments and wish they happened more often. Most of my day is "put that down" "stop fighting" "take that out of your mouth" blah blah blah so I dive in head first when my kiddos want mommy time. I bring this up because my thoughts became interrupted with the disturbing thought that some truly worthy people will never have this kind of moment, not with their own child anyway. It reminds me why surrogates do what they do.

Happy New Year!

Thanks for checking in!


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