December 15, 2011

Fortune Teller Melissa's predictions at 32 1/2 weeks

I have another checkup this afternoon. I am anxious for it because I think there has been some change in things. I want to predict how the appointment will go and see how close I get.

I have had contractions since very early on. It's very common considering it's twins and that my body has done this 4 times already so my uterus gets a little cocky and says "heh, I'll show you I know all about having babies" and starts showing off. The contractions have been nothing to worry about so far as they are not changing my cervix and seem to have nothing to do with the preparation of the babies arrival. Lately the contractions have been a bit stronger. I don't know if this means something may be starting or the babies are just bigger and it makes the contractions a little uncomfortable. I have also been having some lower back pain. The contractions are not consistent, though. They just come and go throughout the day.

I am kind of thinking baby boy flipped and is head down or in some other position. The movement from his apartment (my left side) has been feeling slightly different. This may be just wishful thinking, though. It's hard to tell the difference (regarding movements) between the two. Baby girl has always felt more active than baby boy. The ultrasounds have verified this, too. I tried again to capture a short recording of the alien belly movements but the movement stopped before I could get anything recorded.

My belly is starting to peek out from the bottom of my shirts, this just started within the last week. Currently, I have 3 shirts that cover (just barely) my entire bump. My pants have a hard time covering my belly, too. So my next prediction is how much weight the babies have gained since my last appointment which was 2 1/2weeks ago. I am thinking right around 10 oz. each might be a close guess. This would put baby boy right around 4.5 lbs and baby girl just below 5 lbs.

Those are my predictions! Be back soon with an actual update.

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