December 16, 2011

Were my predictions right???

First off, let me say that I don't even know how far along I am so how could my predictions be right. Ha! I am 33 weeks and 2 days not 32 1/2 weeks... geeshh!

Let's start with the positioning of baby boy... still breech! Actually he is more breech than he was at our last appointment, I just have to laugh at that. My OB and I talked about a breech extraction once again. If she is getting tired of explaining it to me, it doesn't show - you have to love that in a doctor. We have discussed it at the last 3 appointments at least. It's fair to say that I am still worried about this. I worry more for baby boy than I do myself. But I also know a breech extraction won't be the most comfortable procedure. Yay for the epidural, right? Remember that county fair post I made last summer? The one about the breech calf? That's all I can imagine. My OB assures me that all be just fine. Baby girl is bigger than baby boy and that leaves us in a good position. I am a little nervous for the unknowns but I trust my OB.

We didn't check to see if the contractions are doing anything. I am sure all is fine and the babies will stay put for a bit longer. My next appointment is Jan 3, we'll check things out at this appointment.

Ready for this? Baby girl is around 5.5 lbs and baby boy around 4.9 lbs! These babies are growing like weeds. They gained about one pound each. They are both growing so wonderfully and preparing nicely for their arrival.

The daddies-to-be have booked their travel arrangements. I can't wait for them to be here. I haven't seen them since our transfer date back in May. They will be here a few days before the induction. The induction has been scheduled!!! The babies will be here on Jan 17, if not before.

Thanks for checking in!


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