December 16, 2011

33 weeks ultrasound pictures and bump

Where is my head!?! I forgot to post the new pictures of the babies.

Sweet baby girl wouldn't move her hand away from her face. She likes her little hands and she may just be a thumb sucker.

Beautiful baby boy was laying so nicely and cooperated with getting his picture taken. On Facebook, I recently saw some 2d u/s pictures posted by the place we did the 3d u/s. They were trying to point out how you may be able to see the baby's hair. The "hair" in this picture looks quite similar so I am guessing baby boy will come out with hair.

See the bright white spot on the upper back part of his head. I think this is his hair.

And the BUMP!

Sorry for the poor quality - all of the pictures were taken with my cell phone.

Take care!!!



  1. That's a good looking bump (and cutie babes too :)!!

  2. Thanks! I've been working hard on my bump ;)