December 06, 2011

These babies are hungry!

Ok or maybe I am just hungry, but I can blame the babies, right?? For the last few weeks, I haven't ate much because after just a couple of bites I would feel full. Plus, I was having some major heartburn issues. Today and yesterday, I have been so hungry. I am still keeping the meals small but I find myself looking for snacks quite often. And, I am even throwing in some healthy treats like apples and carrots, yay for the healthy cravings. I usually like carrots but they are extra tasty these days. It's always nice to have a craving that isn't 1001 calories. My other food craving is pretzels, which I happen to be out of right now, boo! Looks like I will be making a trip to the store after work.

Last Friday, I had my glucose test. For those that don't know, it's a test to determine if a pregnant woman has gestational diabetes. I arrived at the appointment and was given a very sugary drink and was instructed to have a seat in the waiting area for about one hour. Once the hour is up they take a blood sample and do their testing. During the hour, there are moments of extreme nausea. It's always good to know where the bathrooms are in these types of events. Thankfully, I was able to put my mind somewhere else and not think about the nausea. I was talking via text with the daddies-to-be, that was also helpful. In the end, I must have passed the test because I didn't receive a call from the doctor.

I know you are all wondering... my feet and ankles are still a bloated mess. My daughter was actually making fun of them last night. Can you believe it, no sympathy! They seriously look fake to me. I don't want anyone to worry, though. My OB and I discussed it and since my blood pressure is all in check there is no concern. As most of you know, I do daycare so I am pretty much always on my feet. I just have to remember to sit down and put my feet up throughout the day. It's not always easy to do because 1). kids ALWAYS need something... diaper change, a drink, kleenex, something and 2). I feel like a slacker just sitting on the couch.

Big bummer!!! While I was typing this post the OB office called... failed my glucose test. GAH! I failed it by 7 miserable points, 7! Now I have to go in for further testing. It's another glucose test, only this time I get to drink the sugary drink and get my blood drawn every hour for 3 hours. It will be a total of 4 draws. I failed with my 2 older boys so this isn't exactly a surprise but it is a boo hoo moment. I am sure I will pass the 3 hour as I did in my past pregnancies. Wish me luck!

Thanks for checking in!



  1. I had to stop and get pretzels this morning to have at work...def. a pregnancy thing :)

    BOO on GD test.


  2. Yes, big boo on the test! I had pretzels for breakfast this morning... yum!

    Hope you're feeling well, Jill!