June 28, 2011

Here's what I know today

It's a beautiful day!!! The weather could not be more perfect. We enjoyed our morning at the park and that can only mean 2 things... I am not exhausted beyond reason and I am not suffering from terrible morning sickness. YAY me!!! I have had a pretty good last few days. I still get moments of complete exhaustion but I will take that any day over feeling ill. My appetite is okay but I still have meals that I can't finish because I get a "grossed out" feeling. Another thing, I seem to always have a bad taste in my mouth. Jolly Rancher candies seem to help.

Today, I am 9 weeks. According my trusty pregnancy calendar, the babies have once again doubled in size... I assume this means within the last week. Their heads are still huge and the some organs are developing this week. They are about the size of a cherry.

Some pregnant women claim they can feel movement at 9, 10, 11 weeks... I have never felt movement that early. For me, it's usually around 15 weeks. While resting, I have been feeling "things"... I can't say for sure it is movement, though. I felt the weirdest thing last night while trying to fall asleep. It was a feeling like my stomach was expanding. Imagine blowing up a balloon very slowly, that is the only way I can explain it. I know that sounds silly... of course, I can't feel my stomach growing. It was such a strange feeling.

June 24, 2011

I am so spoiled!

The daddies-to-be have been super supportive and they are truly concerned about how I am feeling. They feel terrible that I have been sick. They send messages like "I wish there was something I could do to make it better". These comments remind me how lucky I am to have been matched with them. I'll say it again... I think we are perfect match.

During a phone call with Avner, I mentioned that I received a call from a local flower shop (wanting to verify my address and whether or not I would be home later in the afternoon).  My first guess was that it would be from the guys. When I questioned Avner, he played it up that he didn't know anything about it. So I was left wondering until the arrangement showed up.

An hour or so later this beautiful package arrived at my doorstep:

This is why I am spoiled!!

June 21, 2011

The ups and downs...

It's back! The morning sickness took a little holiday but has returned with full force. On one hand, this is a miserable feeling but on the other, it's a good sign that everything is going as planned. I hate to complain because I think it shows weakness but this is a blog of my progress and this is where I currently stand. Don't get me wrong, I do not at all regret my decision to be a surrogate! I just wish I could take something to get rid of this nausea. I do have some medication but it isn't helping much these days.

So here we are at 8 weeks! The little beans are actually the size of kidney beans. They are working on growing their limbs and their fingers and toes. How cute is that?!? Also, their facial features are forming.

As for me physically, I am not changing too much yet but when I press gently on my belly I can feel the swelling starting. I am curious as to how big I will get. I am not concerned about gaining too much weight. What does cross my mind is how much room will be available toward the end of this pregnancy. With my other pregnancies, it seems there was absolutely no more room to grow. I do know this... I am gonna be big :)

June 15, 2011

Drum roll please....

Up until today we hadn't had a peek to see if both embryos actually stuck. My doctor believed it to be twins based on my Hcg levels. The number was high so twins were assumed. I arrived at the appointment yesterday around noon. First, I had a blood draw. Next, I had the ultrasound. I wasn't nervous at all. I knew it would show two babies. To my surprise, it showed three!!
.........................................................................................teehee...kidding!!! Two little peanuts are in there. They are measuring at 7 weeks 0 days. Baby left has a heartbeat of 129 and baby right has a heartbeat of 117. Very good! I have had ultrasounds before but never when the baby was this tiny. Watching the little flicker of the heartbeat was beautiful. Of course, I couldn't make much out except for the flickering heartbeats. Enjoy some pictures:

Both babies
 Baby Left
 Baby right

My guess is that Roy's baby is left (baby a) and Avner's baby is right (baby b). I was excited to learn that I will be a "frequent flyer" (as the ultrasound tech stated) in the ultrasound department.
After the ultrasound, I met with an OB doctor. He went over the reasons why it was a good thing that these twins were considered didi twins. Which means they are completely separate and not identical twins. We pretty much already knew that but I suppose there was a small chance one of the embryos could have split. We went over the due date which is estimated to be January 31. Once my next appointment was scheduled, they needed more lab work so I was sent down for 2 more blood draws and a urine test.

I was emailing the guys in between appointments, updating them with this terrific news. Because of work conflicts they were not able to be on speakerphone during the appointments. I know they desire very much to be at the appointments but with the distance between us that is obviously not possible. It's important that the guys feel they are part of this process. They are always interested in how the appointments went and how I feel. I am always eager to share.

For today, I am feeling less nauseous. It's still lingering but I'll take it. Hoping each day gets better and better.  I am still tired but that is to be expected... my body is a little busy growing babies.

That's all for now.  :)

June 13, 2011

I just wanna....

EAT!! That's all! I haven't had a full meal in over a week. The only time I am not feeling sick is when I am sleeping. The sick feeling returns moments after I wake up. I tried Preggie Drops in hopes it would relieve my lingering nausea... no go, I had a feeling that would be the case but I will try anything suggested by my doctor. I contacted the doctor today and they are sending me a prescription... bless their beautiful hearts. I am sure you are probably getting bored hearing me whine about my morning sickness for 3 posts straight. Sorry folks............. my life revolves around it lately.

My sense of smell has skyrocketed. Do you know how many scents are in the mall? I walked by a foot massage shop and swear I could smell stinky feet! I could smell perfume, Taco Bell, hair color solution... barf, barf and barf! I can tell when the neighbor kid needs a diaper change and when someone 5 miles from me is grilling... again barf and barf!

I have an appointment tomorrow and will post some new stuff after it... promise it won't be only sickness related.

June 08, 2011

5 Weeks and 1 day

This morning sickness business has taken a turn for the worse. No more gentle tapping reminders... instead it's full force punches to my stomach. 

As most of you know, I do daycare. Dirty diapers and I have never been good friends. As you can imagine, our relationship has become even more stressed since morning sickness arrived at my door. It seems that everything is less appealing. That includes foods, drinks, scented lotions, shampoo, toothpaste and the list goes on.

My doctor suggested ginger chews, prego pops or pressure point wristbands. I chose the wristbands because well, they have no smell or taste. I thought the bands might have been working last night but this morning the nausea had returned. I may have to try out the other options.

I am definitely not a nap type of person. This week, I am constantly thinking about napping or going back to bed. Speaking of sleep, I have been very tired by bedtime but I seem to be sleeping very lightly. I am not uncomfortable or having bad dreams so I am not sure why I am waking up so easily and having a difficult time going back to sleep. This isn't helping with my daytime fatigue.

All I can say is "this too shall pass...".

I have my first appointment next week. I am very anxious to see the little bubbas on the screen. I know they will still be very teeny tiny but we should be able to see something. It will be pretty neat to get a little sneak peek at them. According to one website, the size at 6 weeks is similar to that of a small bean, about half an inch.

June 05, 2011

Let the games begin...

Each day fatigue has been increasing and the nauseous feeling is tapping me on my shoulder as a gentle reminder of the 2 little beans growing in my belly. I am sure I am still in shock that both little bubbas implanted. The nickname "bubbas" came from the daddies to be... even before the transfer they were using this nickname.

With my own children, morning sickness and fatigue did not show until I was 6 weeks pregnant. I am not surprised to see it showing up earlier with this pregnancy. Coffee and my daily caffeine free diet coke have been thrown out the window. As with every past pregnancy these drinks are completely unappealing. I hate to be cliche but pickles are delish!! I don't have any strong cravings yet. I await what they will be. It varied with each of my children, my daughter it was breakfast food, 1st son was 100 Grand candy bars, 2nd son was tater tot hotdish and 3rd son was Warhead candies. Currently, I am debating what I will eat when I am done writing this... left over pizza from lunch or Cocoa Pebbles cereal.

Okay moving on from cravings and morning sickness... I had a blood test last Thursday to be sure my Hcg levels were still rising. The results were very good, somewhere around 9800. The first ultrasound will be around 6 weeks. I love ultrasounds!!

June 03, 2011

My Family

I haven't talked much about my family. I will introduce them to you now.

Here is a recent family photo... adorable, right?

I am married to Jeremy. We have 4 kids, one daughter and 3 sons. There is never a dull moment in our lives.... teenage drama, babies, terrible twos, etc. We also have a chocolate lab... with a wild personality! Life is very intense some days but I wouldn't change it for anything. I love to watch my children when they aren't aware I am watching them (stalkerish, I know). My boys are full of energy. They love to play outside no matter what the weather is doing. They all have a creative imagination especially our oldest. Some of his stories leave you wondering "how the heck did he come up with that". I give Jeremy credit for this... he is very imaginative, too. A creative mind is a wonderful thing.

My daughter is a true teenager. By that I mean, she is the definition of "teenager". She has her phone and computer attached to her at all times. She has great friends and is an A honor roll student. I appreciate her more than she realizes. She is a huge help with housework and her brothers.

Jeremy and I have been married for a little over 6 years. He is a wonderful husband and a loving father. He is very smart. He enjoys to watch movies in his down time. He tries hard to please others, which can be bittersweet. He feels joy when others are happy and content but I do see people take advantage of that. He is very supportive of me in anything I do. He's a good man.

A little about me, I enjoy photography, reading and being with my family. I love one on one time with my kids. I feel it is important to show each of them undivided attention once in awhile. I also enjoy one on one time with my husband. With our full time jobs, 4 kids and everyday life, we don't get much alone time. I wish we had more time to ourselves. Someday we will but for now we will cherish the sounds of little footsteps.

That's my family. I am sure you will hear more about them as this journey goes on.

June 01, 2011

A day after positive results

I have another blood test tomorrow at 9:45 to make sure my Hcg levels are still rising. Since we know the exact conception date, the levels are proving that I am most likely pregnant with twins. I am 4 weeks and one day pregnant today. Yesterday, my level was in the 3000... which I am told is high.

I have received many nice comments and support from family members and friends. I am very lucky to be surrounded by so much love.

Becoming a surrogate isn't for everyone. I don't say that like "oh wow, look at me, I am THAT awesome". What I mean is that some people don't "get it" or may find it completely unnatural. Top that with a gay couple and it's even more unflattering to them. I am very aware there are people that still live with tightly closed minds. It's a sad fact. I do not like to debate, I don't like confrontation, I am not sure how I would handle someone responding negatively about me being a surrogate. I can tell you one thing, though. I have my reasons for doing this and that's what important.

A child needs love, support, guidance and discipline. Did I wonder if this couple would be good parents? Well, of course I did but I would have had the same wonders of a heterosexual couple. In the end, would anyone go this route if they weren't absolutely ready for children? Going through IVF isn't exactly convenient or inexpensive.